In The Beginning- What’s in a Name?

In the beginning- there was no laughter.

No, really there probably was. I know I’m not the funniest person around, I know that not everyone thinks I am funny or that the things that tickle me into fits of laughter are the same. But YOU- you select few whom have been invited to my little BLOG here come for the purpose of enjoying a good laugh.

It is my mission to bring you laughter from the inane cuteness of LOL Cats and Dogs to the more adult-humor of and The Oatmeal. I am not grammatically or politically correct, but I think you will find something to bring humor to your day- whether you are laughing at something personal I posted myself or a link to another site I hope to bring you humor in a variety of forms to make your life a little more bearable.

Now, for something completely different.

What’s in a name?

Why am I publishing under the pseudonym Mhor Rioghain?  First, don’t ask me to say it, I wouldn’t do it justice.  It’s the original celtic spelling of the name ‘Morgan’ and is often times seen as ‘Morrigan’.

I love names, I love history, I love mythology, and I love horses.  In highschool I grew to appreciate the Morgan horse, and eventually owned a beautiful seal-bay mare named Plum Haven Leilani (Leilani btw is Hawaiian for “Heavenly Flower”) and she had a white star marking on her forehead in the shape of a heart.  She also had the smoothest canter I had ever ridden and enjoyed my equitation show classes much more after that.  Furthermore I loved the history of the Morgan horse.  Justin Morgan acquired the original stallion and soon the compact horse became well-known for its versatility and kind nature.  His ability to stamp these traits to his off-spring along with the typey head, neck, and tail set lend many to believe he has an Arabian heritage, but he was not registered/papered and no one knows for sure.  All Morgan horses trace their lineage to this sole stallion.

Secondly, I’m adopted.  I am very open about this, mostly because when people say things like “Oh, you must get your such and such from your so and so family member” or “Gosh- do twins run in your family?” or “Wow, you’re so much taller than your parents…” I just found it easier to be honest and answer/explain with, “I’m adopted” and go from there. In the mid 2000’s I finally got up the gumption to look into my birth history and finally ordered my pre-adoption birth certificate from the state’s vital statistics department.  (If you are adopted and your birth certificate has your adoptive parent’s names there is most likely an original, contact the Vital Statistics department for the state you were born in for further information.)  Imagine my surprise when I saw my birth-mother’s name was Morgan.  I had known that she was involved with horses and that is why she specified that I go to an adoptive family that would have a horsey influence, but I thought it was really awesome that she would have the name of one of my favorite breeds of horse.  My adoptive parents made sure I understand the type of sacrifice it would be to give a child up for adoption and I have the utmost respect for her and what she went through in making that decision.

Now you understand I have a natural affinity for the name Morgan- but I had yet to discover the origins of the name, I just figured it was some English name that happened to be surname of a school teacher with a studly little horse.

Heard of World of Warcraft?  No, well I can’t explain it to you, because if you have not heard of it you’re probably like my mother and will think it is another video game that rots your brain.  Not to say people haven’t ruined their lives/families with World of Warcraft (WoW) or other ridiculous games- you hear about that wretched woman who killed her toddler over Farmville? But WoW is much, much more than Farmville with squatty avatars or 2-d Mario Bros. like my mother is thinking of when she scoffs.  It’s a hobby, not a game, and for my husband and I who are on a limited budget we made WoW our entertainment.  We don’t go out to eat, we don’t go to the movies, or concerts and we certainly can’t afford vacations like we used to now that we have twins.  So, we play WoW.

When you start WoW you have to pick a Race of character, its class, and the all important NAME.  The game is played by approximately 11-12 Million people world-wide, they have what I am sure are at least 100 if not more individual servers all with mirrored environment set-ups where 1,000’s can play daily on the same server and collectively between those servers- millions.  Picking a name, as you can imagine, that isn’t already being used can be difficult.  I knew right away I wanted to be a Night Elf.  Basically, it’s like the elves you see on Lord of the Rings only with pointy ears that stick out past their heads like some giant fruit bat.  I don’t care, they’re neat.  Naturally, I had make-believe delusions of grandeur that my future magical powers of being a DRUID would hone me into a killing machine.  NPC’s (computer controlled character) and Horde (the bad guys played by other real people) alike would topple from my prowess- plus as a druid I could turn into cute things like a bear, cat, or eventually a bird!  Truly, I needed a name that would invoke the very essence and thereby psychologically charge me with the embodiment of such power.  Urd- taken, choose again.  Athena- taken, choose again. Minerva- taken, choose again.  Xena…. Hell, No, delete.  Ok, what could I do for a name?  I honestly can’t remember now how I stumbled a crossed it, but there it was, the general description of the name and historical significance of the name ‘Morgan.’

© Blizard Entertainment 2002

Mhor Rioghain– Celtic Goddess of Death.  Of Course!  Celts, druids, it all goes together.  I had my name. The only draw-back, Blizzard (creators of WoW, Diablo, and Starcraft) didn’t allow for spaces or capital letters inside the name.  I became Mhorrioghain, the level 1 druid on The Forgotten Cost server (now on Uther!).  The fact that no one, including me, could pronounce my name didn’t matter at the time. I simply told people to call me Morgan, but gamers are worse than anyone about nick-names and abbreviations.  I soon just became Mhorr.  Which is fine.  My husband and I after a long spat of playing the game have even referred to the other person by our alternate nicknames when off game.  He’s Gilfindor, Gil for short.

What else about Mhor Rioghain?  Her name means, “Great Queen” or “Phantom Queen” She is one of the original goddesses from the celtic mythology- Tuatha de Danann, she is often times described as a trilogy goddess for her fertility, her ability to prophesy, and a bringer of death. Her totem animal is the raven/crow and she is described as descending upon the battlefields to claim the dying.  Seriously, you don’t want to mess with this chick and she seemed pretty awesome to me so I’m giving her a little ‘tip of my hat’ by keeping her name in circulation and her history alive.


3 responses to “In The Beginning- What’s in a Name?

  1. You rock. And you know I find the same things funny and I actually do think you are funny. So what does that say about me? I’m a WoW player, need I say more?

  2. Okay, you did manage an absolutely perfect match of the header and background – you weren’t kidding! It looks great – I love the antique look of the card and the background keeps that antique feel. Great job! 🙂

    • Thank you! Thank you! I am ridiculously happy with this set up. The first time I set up the page (called ‘Koi’) I felt like a ding-dong relearning stuff. The other nice thing was, once I switched to this ‘theme’ called ‘Grunge’ (it had a charcoal grey background and no header) it automatically updated all the content so it was pretty brainless by then. I just had to do that back-ground, header, and tweak my side bar links.

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