Mullet Montage- revisting a past Friday Funny

So I didn’t have any good photos from my childhood to share with a mullet, instead I’m going to sacrifice my husband’s dignity. Not really, he’s a proud former mullet owner, just ask him, he’ll tell you.

Chris and his mullet

You see my prequel hubby in the red cap signing an ‘autograph’ on the back of some other dude sporting the ‘duck-tail’ mullet and in the background there is the Fem-mullet. This is standard at the race track in Fairbanks, Alaska.

More great visuals:

from Very Demotivational

That is a lot of junk in the trunk too btw.

Yes, Mrs. Brady, I too am surprised our species was able to reproduce through this phase in our culture. If it wasn’t for all those dirty toilet seats we might have died out.

[FF-LOL editor’s note: UPDATE!  I got my hands on the PowerPoint of Mullets that Amy B. originally sent me that inspired this list.  I now happily upload it here for you.]


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