Toddlers are Funeeeeey

So my boys are of course ADORABLE, did you expect me to think otherwise? Of course not.

My husband, who is brave enough to stay home with the boys while I work, reported today two extraordinary funny moments that I had to share.

First, some back ground.  Caelan is our talker- well he speaks coherent words.  Tiernan talks too, but it is mostly baby babble still with gestures and faces and when you guess what he’s saying correctly he smiles and laughs at you and if you don’t understand he starts pointing angrily in the direction he wants your attention to go and scowls at you for being an idiot.

These are common looks directed at us.

They are fraternal twin boys.  We speak to them the same at the same time, so why Caelan has picked up the gift of language first we don’t know.

Caelan has short sentences like “It’s a ball” “It’s a Star” “It’s the Moon” and other identifiers, he also says “OK,” but like an in-bred from the Ozarks because it comes out “Owe-KAAaay” and he says “Funny” only as “Fun-Nee”.  Tiernan will just say the name.  “Moon” “Mickeeee” “Oodles” (for Toodles on The Mickey Mouse Club House cartoon).  Caelan says the name of the animals; Cow, Dog, Cat. and can make the sounds.  Tiernan just makes the sounds.

They are weird about their food preferences as well.  Caelan hates peanut butter,  Tiernan will eat it.  Caelan likes Bananas, Tiernan is finicky about them.

Today at lunch they were having a medley of cheese, crackers, Turkey and some raisins.  Caelan snarfed his food up because when he likes something there is no stopping the baby hoover.  Tiernan, even when excited for the food, takes a more demure and leisurely pace with his food consumption.  Caelan raised his plate up and announced to my husband, “All Done, Get Down.” Chris dutiful came to get the tray of food before Caelan could smear it on his own head and Chris asked Tiernan while he was there if he was done with his food tray.

Tiernan must have thought it was a rhetorical question and that the plate was going to be removed, because Chris reports he proceeded to grab the dozen or so raisins left on his tray and cram them in his mouth like a rodent.  With cheeks bulging he says “All done” only it comes up something like “Aumf Womf.”

For lunch-time dessert Chris gave the boys a popsicle of frozen pine-apple juice.  It had been a while since they had been given popsicles so they studied them at first.  Caelan stared long and hard at the popsicle, then he sniffed it carefully, then he took a tentative bite off the end.

May have looked something like this.

“NOM! NOM!” he cries with joy.  We have taught them that ‘good eats’ are met with approval by saying ‘nom, nom’ when we have fed them.  That’s my little nod in the direction to "funny
see more Lolcats and funny pictures“>LOL cats since most of their food related jokes reference food as ‘noms.’  He proceeds the eat the popsicle pausing every few bites to again declare it is a “Nom, nom!”

Other hilarious toddler moments are the following, but not limited to: Calling peas “Balls”  eating one, shouting “HA!” presumably over the success of having ate a miniature ball, and repeating the process.  The TV show that is Caelan’s favorite is Little Einsteins, in the show they have numerous scenes where they have to rev up Rocket’s engine by patting their hands on their lap and saying, “pat pat pat” with the TV.  Caelan, for some reason, finds it funny when I change his diaper to go “pat pat pat” with his hand on his little winky.  Grandpa Arnett taught Tiernan that putting his little snuggle puppy on his head is funny, it’s a simple game called “Puppy on the Head” and involves putting the snuggle puppy on the head, tipping your head forward so it falls off and repeating the process or throwing it onto  Tiernan’s head. Giggle, giggle, repeat process until something else distracts him.  Tiernan though has taken it a step further and uses “Puppy on the Head” as his sign that he’s sleepy and needs a nap. In the church Nursery he grabbed his binki, grabbed his snuggle puppy, put it on his head and laid down in the middle of the floor and just went to sleep. Tiernan also has taken a liking to Mickey Mouse club house and especially likes the moments when Pluto gets to do something fun.  All dogs are “Woof Woofs.”

All this cuteness helps balance when they scream at each other and try to bop us on the head with a toy in an unloving and not so “Puppy on the Head” moment.


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