Recipe for At Home Foot Spa

This is the recipe for a poor woman’s (or man’s) Home Spa.  I don’t know when last you went to your local nail salon but your basic pedicure runs around $25 just for basic scrub-a-dub-dub with painted toes.

In these hard economic times I would like to suggest to you that there are other ways to accomplish the moisturizer and spa like quality at home, for much less money.

1)  Find someone with twins roughly ages 8 months to 2 years (must be able to sit up on their own).  If you do not know someone with twins, or you are not a twin parent yourself, you can find two different babies at about the same age.  Borrow these babies, it will most likely be free, in fact the parents might pay you to take them.

2)  Buy a bottle of Johnson’s No More Tears bubble-bath, the entire bottle is probably less than $8.00, add the bubble-bath as directed into your tub of running water.

3)  Making sure your water temperature is not too hot; prep your (borrowed) babies for water emergence.

4)  Add babies.

5)  Let babies agitate water.  Enjoy the same soothing, swirling water created by thrashing limbs instead of electro-hydro jets (think green!).  Instead of Kenny G on the speakers or bad talk shows playing on a wall mounted TV you can enjoy the effervescent giggles of happy tots.

6)  After an appropriate amount of soaking, remove your feet from the tub.  Your (borrowed) babies may want to soak longer.  You could use the “your fingers are starting to prune method,” but I encourage you to abandon these archaic methods of discerning water doneness.

7)  Remove babies from tub and towel dry.  It is especially important that proper care and maintenance is given of borrowed babies in order to ensure your good standing with the parents for future free home spa days.

Given the low-cost of  no-tears bubble-bath, and that it can be used for more than one bath, in combination that if you are borrowing babies you might get paid for this kind of work you could actually come out money ahead versus going to the local nail salon.  Enjoy!


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