Tiernan’s terrible tantrums

This one is short.

Tiernan, as I’ve mentioned, has a quicker temper and I’m sure it is in part due to his lack of better communication skills. However, sometimes he just gets a wild hair that he’s been universally wronged and that we need to correct it immediately.

Tonight, Caelan was playing with Daisy by throwing her this tiny little cat toy ball. Tiernan thought since Caelan was throwing it that it must mean he was done with the ball. Caelan corrected his misconception by taking the ball back and throwing it towards Daisy’s head.

There was a screech and Tiernan came around the corner to announce Caelan had taken HIS ball with a loud and long ‘Baaaaaaaawwwwwwwwwuuuu’ noise.

Chris and I just looked at him since we knew it wasn’t his ball. Our reactions were deemed non-satisfactory because he proceeded to pitch a standing fit, normally he will toss himself on the floor and do the leg kick.

The part that was most hilarious was he bounced up and down and that proceeded to make his elbows flap at his sides and at the same time he started squawking in baby-gibberish that only came out bubbling burping sounds and LITERALLY sounded like a chicken clucking angrily in it’s roost.

This combination of ‘Bwuack, Buuuwack, Bwuack’ and flapping arms set Chris and I into hysterics. Now he really was sad because Mommy and Daddy were laughing at him and he knew it. So I had to of course scoop him up and find a different ball.

Bwuack bwuack buack!


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