“C” is for Caelan, “C” is also for clever.

Another quick blurb about my darling babies.  Seems only fitting that Tiernan got a mini-spotlight over his clucking chicken tantrum, now I’ll show case Caelan.

Both boys have been a little forlorn lately when I’ve gone off to work.  Especially after I stayed home in the middle of the week because Chris wasn’t feeling well and my parents weren’t available to watch the boys.  They cry and pout when I go to leave and cry things like “Up! Up! Up!” and “No GO!” and “Mama!”

This morning I was getting out the door pretty slow (on purpose this time) due to snowy weather conditions.  The boys were suspecting I was going to make a break for it because when I put my shoes on I go “bub-bye.”

Caelan needed to be changed because his Indian name is “Poops-when-he-eats.”  I thought I would be sneaky so I told Chris when you go up stairs to change Caelan I’ll just sneak out the door. (Caelan is sitting in my lap for this conversation).

Here is where being a parent and forgetting your kid understands more than you realize comes back to bite you.  So we watch a little more of some cartoon on and then Chris asks Caelan, “Do you need new pants?” while nodding his head.

“O-kay,” replies Caelan and slips down off my lap and turns looks right at me and says “Come Mama” and grabs my hand and proceeds to take me by the hand down the hallway and won’t let go of me through the baby gate and up the stairs.

Chris at this point was no help, he just kept laughing and telling me how I just got out-smarted by a toddler.

\/\/hatever Mister-can’t-find-the-binki-that-the-kid-just-had-in-his-mouth, nobody likes you anyway.


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