Friday Funny- Cutness From Within

Well, this article is going to be self-serving in that I’m going to babble about my adorable children.  I’ve been pretty sick this week and just didn’t have the energy to do any really good trolling for a Friday Funny, so I have to tap the Cuteness From Within My Home.

Lets start with Tiernan’s most adorable adaptation to humor; he has started finding something that doesn’t belong to him, holding it out proudly to either Chris or I (usually Chris) and then giggling and running away with it in a game of ‘tag.’  Mind you he’s not even two yet, Yeah- OK NEARLY 2 on the 14th, but that is some pretty sophisticated humor in a game that requires you to get up and chase him.  Doesn’t matter if you take his item away.  He’ll either fetch a chair to get it off the counter if you set it back out of reach or use the same chair to get into a drawer he shouldn’t be in and pull something else out.  Yeah, we could and need to get those drawer locks- but it will only delay the inevitable, he’ll find something else.

Caelan’s new development is he can open doors.

H-o-o-r-a-y. ~twirls finger in the air~

While he has paws the size of a Grizzly cub and could easily palm the knob with one hand his technique involves putting both his hands on either side of the door knob and then basically giving it an Indian burn by rubbing his palms back and forth until he jiggles the handle loose and pushes the door open.  No longer can anyone go to the bathroom in peace, you must lock the door if you want true toilette serenity.

I am grateful that they have not figured out how to climb out of their cribs.  Truly, Chris and I will be back to no sleep like when they were infants when that day comes.  I’m just hoping they maintain a healthy fear of heights and won’t crawl out of their cribs until they are like, I don’t know, 8 or something.

Their vocab is growing pretty good as well, though Tiernan isn’t in the same ball-park as Caelan.  Caelan can name off a large variety of food items- Apple, Banana, Juice, (though milk is still called Goontz), things you see outside- Trees, sky, sun/moon, and most of your basic body parts- Head, eyes, nose, ears, mouth, hands, fingers, tummy, leg, knees, feet, toes. He’s also in the last week started saying “Up Me” for “Pick me Up” and I’m not sure where he got that turn of phrase, but it’s pretty cute unless he’s crying it and hanging on your leg when you try to go to work.  Then it’s just depressing.  Tiernan will not speak on command, so his spoken vocabulary is difficult to count.  He also doesn’t say the words as well, so things like Milk sound like ‘Moo.’  However, just tonight I told him to go look under the table because that is where his brother threw one of his musical toys.  He knew right where to go and what we were talking about, and got over to the table, squatted down and looked under one of the legs to find the item.  If I had told Caelan that he would have wondered around looking at the walls.  So while Tiernan isn’t much of a talker (at least in English we understand) he seems to understand complex sentences better than Caelan.

I have to say, if you have toddlers and if you have not done so I recommend the Baby Einstein DVD’s.  We have the complete set and they are pretty awesome.  The boys get to learn and see stuff and we get to play along with them to help encourage them to say words.  We play the First Sounds, First Moves, Neighborhood and World Animals, and are also moving onto Shapes.  The Baby Beethoven and Mozart and Meet the Orchestra is more ‘fun’ and not as educational, but they enjoy the music.  There is also Lullaby time and that is a nice relaxing DVD, but it has like ocean sounds and other peaceful scenery that usually puts Chris and I to sleep before the boys.

Alright, I’m outta here, totally tired still from being yucky.  Gnight and Peace Out.


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