Thursday Tidbits- Then and Now

The Friday Funny will be postponed this week due to my impending surgery so I’m leaving you with a less funny, though hopefully interesting article, that I’m going to call Thursday Tidbits.

This week I stumbled upon an unfortunate photo, both in timing and composition, of Alec Baldwin shopping.  He appears to be buying some Superman underroos.  I rather believe that he was like, “Hey, check these doofy things out!” When someone snapped the photo.

Which, left me with the following thoughts, “what happened to those guys I thought were sexy back in my teens/early twenties?” and “Where are they now.”

Here is a top 10 count down.  One Boy List and and one Girl List.  The Girl List were of women who I totally wanted to be, the hard part was making the list real women and not cartoons. (Can you say, “Body Image Issues?”)

10. Who: Leondard Nimoy/Spock (Star Trek original; Star Trek Movies)

Why: Call it Daddy Issues if you like, but when I was a kid my dad seemed like a tall skinny nerd.  Turns out he wasn’t that tall, and he didn’t stay skinny, but he was a nerd and I’ve always been a sucker for the dark-haired nerds from a young age.  It isn’t until recently that I finally decided some upper body strength was ‘hot’ too, but I’ll always love the nerds. Favorite phrase, “Jim! You’re alive!” (The only time Spock expressed emotion).  I used to watch the original show on syndication with my dad and the movies were something the family could watch.  My mother tolerated them, so this was more of a Daddy/Daughter treat.

Where he is now: Mr. Nimoy has an extensive career beyond that of Star Trek, working on numerous projects both in front and behind the camera as well as being the voice actor for many shows. One of his latest shows was “Fringe” where he played Dr. William Bell and the voice of Sentinel Prime for Transformers: Dark side of the Moon. The Space Foundation named Leonard Nimoy as a recipient of the 2010 Douglas S. Morrow Public Outreach Award for creating a positive role-model for people to learn more about the universe. Leonard remained close friends with both William Shatner and, while he was alive, DeForest Kelley after Star Trek.

9. Who: Michael Jackson

Why: My first ‘star’ crush, I remember seeing him on Entertainment Tonight (E.T.) and Mary Hart talking about his latest hits; it was probably thriller to be honest.  He was on stage wearing that red sequined jacket and single white glove and that pretty, glossy, curly hair.  I thought, “Wow, he’s so cool!” Favorite song, “Beat It”

Where he is now: Deceased; during his time he was surrounding by increasing controversy. Whether or not he did molest one or more children is certainly up for harsh debate, and while I hate to glorify someone who could have violated children, one can also believe he was amazingly talented and tormented. He is a double inducted Music Hall of Fame recipient for being in the Jackson 5 and his solo career as well as on the Hollywood Walk of Fame. He has numerous other awards and records including Guinness World Record for “Longest Span of US top 40 singles.” He has sold an estimated 750 million records world wide and Forbes named him one of the highest earning deceased artists.

8. Who: Tom Selleck/Tom Magnum (Magnum P.I.)

Why: Before he was Monica’s older-boyfriend or staring in Louis L’Amour movies he was Magnum P.I. with the hot car, the hot slightly unbuttoned Hawaiian shirts, and hot Hawaiian weather, with the sweet pimp pad that he didn’t have to pay taxes on. He was clever, he was cute, and he had chest hair.  What more could a pre-teen girl need to develop a crush?

Where he is now: Safe to say Tom has made a few duds, but I think most would consider his time on “Friends” as Monica’s ophthalmologist turned boyfriend well spent.  You can currently catch him on CBS in the show “Blue Bloods.” Never shave the mustache again Tom, it brings you bad luck.

7. Who: Paul Hogan/Mick “Crocodile” Dundee (Crocodile Dundee)

Why: Looking back on Crocodile Dundee I and II he really isn’t all that attractive and he’s blonde, which isn’t my favorite, but as a kid with the accent and the tan and the ‘big knife.’ I was all for that.  He was exotic and different and a reluctant hero who didn’t think of himself as a hero… with a really big knife. Favorite phrase, “You call that a knife? Now, That’s a Knife!”

Where he is now: After the Crocodile Dundee movie hit big it slid down-hill after that as far as American audiences go. Supposedly Aussies weren’t so thrilled with Paul either after learning he had numerous affairs with his co-star from Crocodile Dundee. Paul did a brief stint as the spokes person for Subaru’s Outback, which by the way lead my husband to believe that Subaru was an Australian vehicle instead of Japanese. Currently Mr. Hogan is also rumored to have some problems with the Australian tax authorities regarding some off-shore money havens and is embroiled in legal issues.

6. Who: Jonathan Brandis/Lucas Wolenczak (SeaQuest DSV)

Why: My first ‘obtainable’ crush. This was the kid from the Never Ending Story II as Bastian, but that isn’t where I fell in love with him.  He was the nerd/genius kid who was so smart they had him on this special undersea mission headed by none other than Roy Scheider (aka Police Chief Martin Brody from Jaws) to do… well gosh, I don’t really remember the plot of the show, it was sort of futuristic, they had to do things, there was always a crisis and their submarine was shaped like a squid.  I don’t know why.  Lucas/Jonathan was close enough in age I harbored the belief that should I bump into him on the street I might actually catch his eye. (lol).

Where he is now: Deceased; Jonathan Brandis died of injuries sustained from trying to hang himself and was pronounced dead after a few hours at Cedars Sinai Medical Center. In the short time that Jonathan was working in Hollywood he contributed through acting, voice acting, writing and directing.

5. Who: Christian Slater

Why: I don’t remember where I first stumbled across Christian Slater in order to turn him into my teen heart-throb.  Coined the “Next Jack Nickelson,” I distinctly remember having the BEST dream ever regarding him and my best friend’s birthday.  I had seen him in Kuffs.  I had also seen The Heathers where he played the psychotic angst ridden kid who talks Winona Ryder into offing her snobby friends; all named Heather along with some other ‘popular’ kids at the school. BTW, great movie. He also played in Robin Hood: Prince of Thieves as Will Scarlet and I remember my best friend and I being rather excited about that. He also had a cameo in Star Trek VI: Undiscovered Country (he’s the guy that wakes up Captain Sulu). Since The Heathers came out in 1988 that was probably the movie that got me hooked. Favorite phrase(s): from Kuffs, “I’ve got things to see, people to do,” and “hugs and kisses on all your pink parts.”

The Dream: I may have told this story before, so skip down if you don’t care.  Picture it– 13 year-old girls and my best friend is about to have her 14th birthday party.  I’m imagining one night how I could make it awesome, and the dream comes upon me… I write to Christian Slater and ask him if it wasn’t too much trouble could he just sign a personal autograph to my best friend and I tell him how cool she is.  He writes back, “Forget that, she sounds awesome, and you sound like an awesome friend, I want to come to her party.” (You, READER, stop laughing it’s called a DREAM for a reason!) So I work with Christian’s people to keep it a secret and arrange for him to come to my best friend’s party and we pull up in a limo. Her and the friends she invited to the party come squealing out of the house and we usher Christian in for cake and party favors. Christian, naturally, has the time of his life and is really impressed with how ‘together’ we girls are so he invites my bff and I down to LA for some awards show. Only problem is, it’s the VERY next day and we have ABSOLUTELY NOTHING to WEAR! No problem, Christian whisks us down to LA and once we land he hands us his Gold MasterCard (remember when that was like the elite metallic level) and told us to go get whatever we needed to be all dolled up on Rodeo Drive.  We go shopping like something out of Pretty Woman with sales people flabbergasted that we have a Gold MasterCard and start waiting on us hand and foot. We get beautiful dresses and we are hanging on each of Christian’s arms while we walk down the red carpet.  The gossip mags and E.T. are all a twitter about whom these lovely young women could possibly be with Christian Slater and that is where my dream blissfully ends.

Where he is now: While no longer featured in my dreams, he has several works in current production listed on and has done steady work if not always in the lime light for the past decade. He is a recovering addict from drugs and alcohol and has a few arrests to his name. He has done extensive work for charities both in activism as well as monetary funding.

4. Who: DB Sweeney/Doug Dorsey (The Cutting Edge)

Why: Okay, this is PURELY my best friend’s (from #5 above) fault. She made me watch this LITERALLY (and I am using that correctly) nearly every single time I was at her home for a sleep-over.  She even tried to bring the movie up to my house on the nights she spent at my home.  I put my foot down when it came to that.  But, if I have seen this movie once, I’ve seen it easily 30 times.  You can’t have that kind of mental penetration without eventually succumbing to the obvious, “Yeah, he’s got a nice ass,” after the millionth time the camera has zoomed in on DB’s keester gliding across the screen beside Moira Kelley (who is cute too btw). Of course, that was probably a stunt double, but not the point.  DB has other nice features, but this was purely about brain-washing from the repeat exposure of that movie to my adolescent mind.  Figure Skating, especially pairs, was never the same for me again, good or bad. Favorite phrase, “Ram Jet the Rookie.”

Where he is now: DB has done extensive voice acting as well as more camera time since The Cutting Edge including an appearance on “House” as Dr. House’ past friend and on “Criminal Minds” as an US Marshall. Sweeney is a proud and avid supporter of the US military establishing a website, to send letters of support and encouragement to active and retired military personnel.

3. Who: Val Kilmer

Why: Like Jonathan Brandis above, I don’t remember when he first caught my eye.  I watch more movies on tape then in the theaters back in the day so it’s hard to remember what show initiated my reaction of, “Hey, Yum!”  I remember not being thrilled that he was to play Bruce Wayne in Batman Forever, but at the same time went along for the ride of enjoying him on the screen. I can tell you I was absolutely smitten with him playing Simon Templar in The Saint opposite Elizabeth Shue, but I’m pretty sure my crush had been well established since then, I just consider that movie the quintessential Val movie prior to him getting tubby and going wacky and biting a movie-set worker on the cheek. Favorite phrase; while in disguise says to Elizabeth Shue’s character, “You don’t believe in any of this cold-fusion mumbo-jumbo stuff do ya’?”… Elizabeth Shue gets up and starts talking about cold-fusion. “Oops.”

Where he is now: While working steadily for the past decade none of his movies have seen him in the leading roll or have been a box-office hit. Known for being temperamental on set seems to have discouraged directors from hiring him, though he’s also reported as doing extensive research to represent his character and has an obvious knack for voice manipulation as demonstrated in Tombstone, The Saint, and Island of Dr. Moreau. Val is involved with the New Mexico Wildlife Center in rescuing animals and releasing them on his ranch.

2. Who: David Duchovny/Fox Mulder (X-Files)

Why: Revert back to #10 on this list.  Tall, dark, nerdy, misunderstood.  By this time in my young adult years I had also developed the “Oh, I can help him get better” trap that I think many women fall into (and some never get out of) when it comes to falling in love with men.  I totally wanted to support Fox Mulder in anyway needed for his pursuit of the truth.  Dana Scully was awesome, but I’m the better woman and if I could only get accepted to the FBI I could make Mulder realize that. Oh, please, oh please, realize that, and I’ll never call you “Fox.”  Sadly, Chris Carter, creative genius of the show, threw a temper tantrum when his series “Harsh Realm” was preemptively canceled before it could establish its plot line.  Remember my rant previously about the executive Asshat Jackwagons at FOX regarding Firefly’s cancellation.  Same deal, only Chris took it hard and let it affect X-files by basically not showing up on set to keep the philosophy of the writing intact. The series suffered and then they made the ill-fated decision to keep dragging it on (IMO). For me the show ended after the first X-files movie.  I let it R.I.P. along with my dreams for Mulder and I to raise a family together.

Where he is now: Currently staring in Showtime’s Californication with several Golden Globes for his performance, Duchovny appears to have shaken off any residue of X-files with out being type-cast. While his attempt at writing/directing/and acting in his movie House of D is recorded as being a flop he also directed an episode of the TV series of “Bones” called ‘Judas on a Pole’ (ep. 211). Recently Duchovny had also admitted to being a sex addict. Given the movies he has made in the past (original Red Shoe diaries to start) I’m not surprised, he also turned a magazine article I read once into dolphins just want to hump you.  Just saying, the guy has sex on the brain.

1. Who: Brendan Fraser/George (George of the Jungle)

Why: R U Kidding?  Look at that picture. ‘Nuff said.  OK, so I had seen him in Encino Man and sadly Airheads as well as a few other scattered movie parts, but that wasn’t where it really sunk in for me.  This movie did it…. All. The. Way. He was in other stuff previously and I totally thought he was hot, but after this movie he could really do no wrong, as I loved Bedazzeled and really didn’t like Monkey Bone, (of course he’s been in other movies) but I’m a fan for life unless I find out he kicks dogs or drowns kittens or something. When he was the star for The Mummy I was there for opening night and was very pleased to also be introduced to Rachel Weisz, who I think is both an outstanding actress as well as beautiful in a non-conventional Hollywood sense. Favorite phrase, “What is it about chicks and horses?”

Where he is now: Brendan has made about 1-2 movies a year since staring in George of the Jungle. His portrayal of Clayton Boone in Gods and Monsters with Ian McKellen has arguably received the most critical praise. Fraser is an accomplished amateur photographer which was integrated in the TV show “Scrubs” where he played Dr. Elliot Reid’s brother. I have spared you the most recent photos that I found showing him losing his beautiful hair.

Now, onto the ‘Girl List’ of who I wanted to be when I grew up…

10. Who: Catwoman (Batman TV series, Batman II, WB Animated)

Why: Remember when I said at the beginning picking a non-cartoon heroine for my idol would be hard. So, I’m cheating.  I loved Catwoman, I loved the idea of Catwoman, I loved her sexuality, her independence, her bad-girl does sometimes good (especially for animals) occupational/vigilante attitude. My favorite version was from the Warner Bros. animated Batman series, but it began with the original black and white TV show with Adam West run on syndication, so I’ll review Eartha Kitt and Julie Newmar for #10.  In the live-action TV show Catwoman was a little more hung-up on Batman then her cartoon version for the animated series, but the premise was there and it stuck with me from a young age. Batman II should never have attempted the Penguin, but I thought Michelle Pfieffer did a great job portraying Selina Kyle/Catwoman.  Halle Berry’s movie is blaspheme and we don’t speak of it.

Where they are now: While Eartha Kitt and the original Warner Brothers animated series are  deceased; it is safe to say Catwoman has a strong future. Julie Newmar is still alive and working in Los Angeles. One of her most recent appearances was on the TV Show “Leave it to Jim,” where she made a cameo appearance.  It is reported that this was in part due to a neighborly feud that she was having with Jim Belushi, but it ended amicably and they poke fun of their disagreement in that episode ‘The Grumpy Guy.’  As for “Catwoman” her most recent live-action appearance is slated for Batman: Dark Knight Rises anticipated to be released in 2012 with Anne Hathaway as Selina Kyle.

9. Who: Lynda Carter/Wonder Woman (The New Original Wonder Woman)

Why: Honestly, I barely saw the TV show. I remember Lynda Carter could spin really fast and her clothes would magically be gone and she’d be in her Wonder Woman costume.  I remember she filled her outfit out really, really well.  I wanted to be able to fill an outfit out like that with all the curves in all the right places once I went through puberty.  Well, that came and went, and I’m no Wonder Woman. Still, though, this series was on the air when they had an amazing bustier, but prior to boob jobs and other extensive surgeries so Lynda Carter was the real meal deal in red, white, and blue, with gold accents.

Where she is now: Recently having admitted to being an alcoholic and seeking treatment she also made the grisly discovery of a body floating in the Potomac in early 2008. Lynda has made appearances on occasional TV shows sporadically over the past 2 decades as well as a cameo in Sky High, a campy family movie about super heroes. Her most recent appearance was on an episode of “Smallville” in 2007. She has also released music albums; Crazy Little Things (2011), At Last (2009), Portrait (1978).

8. Who: Jaclyn Smith/Kelly Garrett (Charlie’s Angels)

Why: Another show I only saw sporadically when I could catch a glimpse of it in syndication. I know that Farrah Fawcet was all the rage, I later learned why that was, but Jaclyn Smith was always the pretty one to me and I was really hoping I could be that sophisticated with effortless grace as she portrayed.  Ha, ha, jokes on me.

Where she is now: In 1985 (Yeah, I know that isn’t ‘now’) she launched her own design label with K-Mart and introduced a home furnishing line in 2008.  Her label is one of the most recognized labels on the market for women between the ages 35-60 and she was a pioneer for establishing a trend in celebrities designing their own products, not just endorsing products. While a spokesperson for Max Factor she also released her own perfume called “California.”  She ‘portrayed’ herself on an episode of “The Simpsons” where they made note of her many product lines. Over the past few decades she has made few other TV or Movie appearances and appears to focus her design label for K-Mart. In 2003 Jacyln successfully battled breast cancer.

7. Who: Catherine Bach/Daisy Duke (Dukes of Hazard)

Why: Again, I was aspiring to pull off something that I could understand men wanted to have in a woman. Tiny waist, long beautiful hair, and a great ass barely covered by a pair of shorts. Well, let me tell you, for once, nature granted me at least part of that wish.  Up until my 7th grade year I was usually the shortest kid in class, and then I had my last hoorah of a growth spurt. I’ve heard said that girls only grow about one inch after they go through puberty and thankfully I got several inches in before that happened. I’m 5’8” and while I don’t have what I used to have I’ve not slid so far down the hill as Ms. Bach. At one time, I too could parade around guilt-free in short cut-off shorts with the fringe barely hiding my hinny and not be worried someone would lose their lunch at my display of skin. Ah, the good ol’ days.

Where she is now: After her time with “Dukes of Hazard” and any subsequent related work to the show Ms. Bach appears to have fallen off the radar. On her own website she is not actively pursuing any current public works other than promoting her own clothing line (of course they have shorts!) as well as charity foundation called “C.O.A.C.H. for kids,” to supply medical assistance for those in low-income neighborhoods in L.A.

6. Who: Stephanie Kramer/Dee Dee McCall (Hunter)

Why: the TV show “Hunter” was a great buddy cop show and for the first time that I could recall paired a male/female partner together.  I thought Hunter was handsome, though I wasn’t into balding guys, but his partner Dee Dee was a pretty tough-as-nails cop, who could hold her own and was cute to boot.  Of course, when the show needed ratings Hunter would have to save her or something, but I don’t blame the character for that. The show was aired pre-5’8” days so I thought being a petite brunette with gun skills would be pretty awesome to have.  I’m not petite, but I did work on the gun skills later in life.

Where she is now: It pains me to mention this, given my above history with the original, but she made a straight to video sequel to The Cutting Edge called The Cutting Edge: Going for the Gold in 2006(No, I’ve not seen it). Not holding that against her, a girl’s got to eat. She has made very few appearances between TV and the big screen over the past 2 decades, several were refurbished “Hunter” attempts. She also appears to be dabbling in music and you can find her official site here:

5. Who: Markie Post/Christine Sullivan (Night Court)

Why: She was smart, she was funny, and Judge Harry (another tall nerdy guy) had a crush on her.  I also liked her hair. Don’t hate me, the femme-mullet was a perfectly acceptable style in the 80’s. She was constantly trying to thwart the advances of the lecherous Dan Fielding (played by John Larroquette) and trying to keep her own life on track during the zany antics of “Night Court.”  My one begrudgement (new word I just made up) was the writers of the show purposefully wrote Dan to win more cases. I can’t remember why, I just remember watching a blurb about the show and them admitting they did it for a reason, but I don’t recall their justification.

Where she is now: Her most recent work has been the voice of June Darby in the “Transformers Prime” TV series. Over the past few decades she has done steady appearances as an actress both in front of the camera and as voice acting, including a role as Cameron Diaz’s mother in There’s Something About Mary. I was surprised to learn she earned her Bachelor of Arts degree at Lewis & Clark College in Portland, Oregon.

4. Who: Lark Voorhies/Lisa Turtle (Saved by the Bell)

Why: She was popular, she was dark and exotic and beautiful, and again she had the amorous attentions of the nerd, only she was foolishly rejecting him for being a nerd. Everyone was hung up on Tiffani (Amber) Thiessen, but I thought ‘Lisa’ took the cake. I wasn’t popular, she was. I wasn’t exotic looking, she was. I also didn’t have the attentions of any nerds, so I was pretty much jealous.  As Hanibal Lector says, “We covet.”

Where she is now: Since “Saved By The Bell” she has done a few films, none that I recognized, as well as working on a music album. And her TV works appear to be limited as well (most recently as a voice actor on an episode of Robot Chicken). I would surmise, if she is taking it seriously, that her efforts are focused on the two companies she founded with her brother and other partners, Lark Voorhies Productions and Voorhies Management, Inc.

3. Who: Rebecca Gayheart/Noxzema Bitch (Noxzema skin care commercials)

Why: Because she was skinny, beautiful, and had flawless skin with a bushel of curly totally non-frizzy brown locks of hair. So she wasn’t officially known as “Noxzema Bitch,” but that was my name for her because I tried Noxzema and that crap didn’t make my skin look anything like Rebecca Gayheart.  At 13 or so I fell prey to their advertising.  Hence, It took me easily 4 years before I tried Pro-Active, which works, but I wasn’t going to believe anything that Jessica Simpson had to offer as an endorsement. When Rebecca later made the movie Urban Legend I totally shouted at the screen, “It’s the Noxzema Bitch!” in a full auditorium at The Coug for the free screening when I was at WSU.

Where she is now: Other than a sequel to Urban Legends entitled Urban Legends: The Final Cut Rebecca has not done a lot of movie work, at least nothing worth mentioning. Since 2004 she has made appearances on several TV shows from Nip/Tuck, CIS: Miami, and Medium.  Most notable and most unfortunate is she was involved in vehicular manslaughter in 2001. According to reports she drove around stopped vehicles that were waiting at an intersection, and used the left turn lane to bypass them when she struck a nine-year-old boy crossing the street (gee, wonder why the cars were stopped). The civil case was settled out of court, she plead ‘no contest’ to the criminal charge of vehicular manslaughter and was sentenced to 3 years probation and to make a public service announcement about driving safety. Later in 2001 while the legal actions were ongoing for the death of the child she flipped her vehicle onto two parked cars.  No one was hurt in that accident. In 2009 a personal sex and drug tape made its way onto the internet via (See what you did Tommy Lee and Pamela Anderson!) showing Rebecca, her husband Dane, and former Miss Teen USA contestant Kari Peniche nude and reportedly under the influence of drugs and alcohol.   **ACK!  Now that I downloaded the photo of her and her husband Dane I realize he’s Eric Dane as in McSteamy from Grey’s Anatomy.**

2. Who: Geena Davis/Dottie Hinson (A League of their Own)

Why: Like most of baseball, it’s more fun in the movies then in real life. I just loved this movie, I loved her character in the movie, and on a good day when the light is dim and I wear a baseball cap and you see me with your peripheral vision I look just a little bit like her. Her character was cool; she was doing the baseball thing for her kid sister to have a chance at her dream, there was family angst, and Tom Hanks rocked as Jimmy Dugan.

Where she is now: Geena appears to have put the brakes on her film career since Thelma and Louise and A League of Their Own released in ’91 and ’92 respectively. Her ‘biggest’ movie to date was the ’96 release of Long Kiss Goodnight (which was a great action flick for me) and the Stewart Little movie series featuring live-action actors with a CGI mouse voiced by Michael J. Fox. She did receive critical praise and nominations for her role as the President in the TV show “Commander and Chief” from 2005-2006. She is an accomplished archer and has been reported as belonging to Mensa. One of Geena’s main areas of focus appears to be activism specifically centered towards gender equality. Her work initiated independent studies looking at gender in the media and in 2007 she launched the The Geena Davis Institute on Gender in Media.

1. Who: Ashley Judd/Dr. Kate McTiernan (Kiss the Girls)

Why: Ashley and Sandra Bullock are some of my two favorite contemporary actresses that I enjoy watching in most of their films regardless of how the rest of the movie is going. While I respect Sandra’s work as an actress and a producer as well as other talents I’ve heard she has, like being a skilled dancer, I never wanted to be like her.  Ashley to me is like Jacyln Smith. She has that elegance about her even when she’s dressed down in jeans, t-shirt, and sneakers that makes you take notice. She also happens to be married to a race-car driver, and since car racing is almost as good as being a nerd to me that means she’s got a certain something I wouldn’t mind having. Ashley’s character in Kiss The Girls kicked ass, literally.  She learned kick-boxing for the movie to portray the character’s skills convincingly on screen, and Kate McTiernan was a bright, energetic woman with ambition who didn’t let the serial rapist/murderer scare her to death. She kept fighting and I appreciated that. I also have a thing for the name ‘Kate’ ever since I saw the play of “Taming of the Shrew” as performed by the American Conservatory Theater in San Francisco.

Where she is now: Her performances have ranged from applauded to jeered, but it doesn’t matter to me. Most recently she’s been seen in De-Lovely in 2004 which she was nominated for a Golden Globe. Her other most recent work has not gathered much attention.  Personally, my favorites since Kiss the Girls has been Double Jeopardy and Someone Like You as well as Divine Secrets of the Ya-Ya Sisterhood though it’s pretty hard to take anything seriously with a title like that. It really stands out that Ashley appears to have dedicated herself to philanthropic ventures and awareness campaigns across the world. Her work is extensive, if Wikipedia is to be believed, and it includes Ashley traveling to the Congo to document the treacherous conditions resulting from the economy around ‘conflict minerals.’ Much like ‘conflict diamonds,’ ‘conflict minerals’ are those used to make electronics that come from regions that are in armed conflict and actively have human rights violations in the area/region and the sale of the minerals to the tech companies fuel more fighting.


Here’s hoping you all enjoyed my latest entry.  Sorry for the lack of funny, I was at a lot of Dr’s appointments and not feeling well so my time was limited to troll for humorous bits.


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