Friday Funny- Paint Me A Picture

Happy Return of the Friday Funny!

Let’s get started with a fun little quiz in honor of Harrison Ford’s latest movie Cowboys & Aliens. I read in the recent AARP article (in the hospital waiting room of course) that Harrison is 69 years old this year. Still hot!

Can you name all the Harrison Ford characters or movies? Answers at the bottom of the article.

Created by artist Steve Murray


For my next trick I shall astound you with my AMAZING NERDINESS! What you say? “Oh, you can’t possibly be THAT nerdy.”


You’ll see.

Yahoo News picked up the Associated Press coverage of a message in a bottle (click the link to read the full story) dropped off the coast of Winchester Bay, Oregon by a 10 year-old boy fishing with his family and found a year later by a 9 year-old girl beach combing in tide-pools on the beach of Kailua-Kona, Hawaii.

Now, for the ‘prestige.’

I found a Pacific Coast Currents image From a Climate Observations blog (originally posted on blogspot) and I discovered on GOOGLE Earth you can overlay an image to the Globe.  So, I give you visual confirmation of where that bottle had to travel to get from the coastal waters of Winchester Bay, Oregon to Kailua-Kona, Hawaii and the currents that brought it there! Ta-Dah!

I said, TA-DAH! 🙂   Well, I impress me anyway. 😛


Moving along. Lets knock out some of the News of the Weird that we’ve not had in a while, courtesy, as always, from Chuck Shepherd.

Can’t possibly be true…

Who Knew? “The streets of 47th Street are literally paved with gold,” said one of New York City’s gold wranglers, as he, down on all fours and manipulating tweezers, picked specks of gold, silver and jewels that had fallen off of clothing and jewelry racks as they were rolled from trucks into stores. The man told the New York Post in June that he had recently earned $819 in redemptions for six days’ prospecting. [New York Post, 6-20-2011]

New, on the News of the Weird Food Cart: (1) grasshopper tacos (at San Francisco’s La Oaxaquena Bakery, but pulled in June by local health authorities, who were concerned that the bakery was importing Mexican insects rather than using American ones); (2) cicada ice cream (at Sparky’s Homemade in Columbia, Mo., but also yanked off sale by local health authorities in June); (3) maggot-melt sandwiches (which are just what you suspect — cheese and dead maggots — at the California State Fair in July). [KGO-TV (San Francisco), 6-7-2011] [Kansas City Star-AP, 6-7-2011] [Sacramento Bee, 7-8-2011]

In June, scientists at China’s Agricultural University in Beijing announced that they had produced human breast milk from genetically modified dairy cows and expect supplies to be available in supermarkets within three years. Employing technology once used to produce the sheep “Dolly,” researchers created a herd of 300 modified cows, which yielded milk that was reported as “sweeter” and “stronger” than typical cow milk. [MSNBC-Reuters, 6-16- 2011]

Civilization in Decline…

A loaded handgun fell from the pocket of a kindergarten student in Houston in April, firing a single bullet that slightly wounded two classmates and the “shooter.” [Houston Chronicle, 4-19-2011]

Prosecutors in Grant County, Wis., filed first-degree sexual assault charges recently against a 6-year-old boy, stemming from a game of “doctor” that authorities say he pressured a 5-year-old girl into in 2010. [Wisconsin State Journal, 5-1-2011]

Lakewood, Colo., police, attempting to wrest control of a sharpened stick that a second-grade boy was using to threaten classmates and a teacher, gave him two shots of pepper spray. (The boy had just finished shouting to police, “Get away from me you f—ers.”) [KUSA-TV (Denver), 4-4-2011]

Tippecanoe County (Ind.) judge Loretta Rush, interviewed by the Journal & Courier of Lafayette, Ind., in June, underscored parental drug use as a major risk factor in a child’s drifting into substance abuse. “I had a case where a child was born with drugs in his system,” recalled Rush. “Both parents were using. We were looking for (placing the child in any relative’s home), but both sets of grandparents were using. So (the) great-grandmother’s in the courtroom, and I had asked her if she would pass a drug screen, and she said she would not ….” [Journal & Courier, 6-8-2011]

Circle of Life, cubicle style…

A Mumbai, India, company, Aegis Communications, announced in May that it will hire about 10,000 new employees to work in its call centers fielding customer service problems for U.S.-based companies. However, those jobs are not in India. Aegis will outsource those jobs to Americans, at $12 to $14 an hour, at nine call centers in the United States. [Washington Post, 5- 20-2011]

That’s A LOT of holes in your skin…

Self-described Las Vegas “performer” Staysha Randall took 3,200 different piercings in her body during the same sitting on June 7 to break the Guinness world record by 100 prickings. (Veteran Las Vegas piercer Bill “Danger” Robinson did the honors.) [Las Vegas Weekly, 6-8-2011]

Coincidentally, on the very same day in Edinburgh, Scotland, the woman with the most lifetime piercings (6,925) got married. Elaine Davidson, 46, wore a full white ensemble that left bare only her face, which was decorated green and sported 192 piercings. The lucky guy is Davidson’s longtime friend Douglas Watson, a balding, 60-something man with no piercings or tattoos. [Daily Telegraph (London), 6-8-2011] (Click the Photo to Enlarge –>)

Armed and Clumsy…

Sean Murphy, 38, destroyed most of his finger trying to shoot off a wart (South Yorkshire, England, June). A Secret Service agent (assigned to Nancy Reagan) shot himself in the hip holstering his gun (Ventura, Calif., February). A 17-year-old boy, playing with a gun in bed, shot himself in the testicles (Orlando, February). A training officer at the Ohio Peace Officer Academy shot himself in the thigh (December). Sheriff Lorin Nielson of Bannock County, Idaho, shot himself in the hand (December). Johnathan Hartman, 27, holstering his gun in his back pocket (after threatening his girlfriend), shot himself in the butt (Billings, Mont., December). A man trying to scratch his nose with a pellet gun shot himself in the face (Amherst, Mass., November). Yorkshire: [Yorkshire Post, 6-15-2011] Ventura: [, 2-5-2011] Orlando: [Orlando Sentinel, 2-7-2011] Ohio: [Plain Dealer (Cleveland), 12-22-2010] Bannock: [KIFI-TV (Idaho Falls), 12-7-2010] Billings: [Spokesman-Review (Spokane, Wash.), 12-17-2010] Amherst: [Daily Hampshire Gazette (Northampton, Mass.), 11-17-2010]


Considering there is the website and ‘coffee-table’ book “People of Wal-Mart” for clothing offenders it surprises me that a Oregon Wal-Mart would take a stand.

Forwarded by Amy B. here is the summary article from KATU (click for the full story).

EUGENE, Ore. – Sandy McMillin and her sister Karla Vogt went to Walmart on Sunday to buy sour cream, chips and coffee creamer.

The temperature that day hit 90 degrees in Eugene, so McMillin (at right) threw on a turquoise bikini and a pair of shorts.

She said five minutes into her shopping trip while in the clothing aisle, a store employee told her to put on a shirt or leave, saying the swimsuit violated health codes.

“I was horrified,” McMillin said. “I am embarrassed.”

“We just walked in, straight over to the clothing,” Vogt said. “It’s wrong. If you don’t like the way someone looks, don’t look at them.”

McMillin said employees then escorted her and her sister out of the store.

“I hadn’t done anything obnoxious or outlandish,” McMillin said.

Walmart spokeswoman Ashley Hardie told KVAL News that McMillin has it all wrong.

Hardie said customers complained and McMillin verbally abused people in the store. But Hardie said McMillin was never escorted outside.


I’m curious why that article provided their grocery list, but the story states they walked straight to the clothing section. I will add this; when I was in Mexico at a resort in Cancun there was a free-standing buffet and it was in the open sun-room right next to the pool. I started collecting my munchies when one of the hotel employees asked me to put on a wrap. Needless to say I too was mortified, as there were no signs stipulating the type of clothing to be had at the pool-side buffet and it wasn’t one of those “No Shirts, No Shoes, No Service” type places as there were more ‘formal’ dining areas then the buffet type station that I was at. Oh-well. I had an all-you-can-eat/drink (alcohol) bracelet as it was an all-inclusive resort, so I got over it.


Lastly some awesome optical illusion art I stumbled upon.

By Tracy Lee Stum

By Kurt Wenner

By Kurt Wenner

By Kurt Wenner

By Kurt Wenner

By Julian Beever

By Julian Beever

By Julian Beever

By Edgar Müller

By Edgar Müller

The above renditions were all at street level with the exception of the Piccadilly Circus by Kurt Wenner which did incorporate a wall. Only the people were ‘real’ all other things were drawn, that includes the vehicle in the center of the Kurt Wenner piece and the hose/running water in the Julian Beever piece. Very impressive.

Now these pieces I discovered are wall art created by Eric Grohe I found on (click the link for the full list) that I think are super impressive.

If you want to see any of the pictures enlarged just click on them.

Seattle, WA. The car is real, the rest is painted.

Massillon, Ohio. Boring Brick Wall? Not now.

Columbus, Ohio. Lady crossing the street, real. Person standing on the balcony painted along with the rest of the facade

Kuala Lampur Malaysia. Man sitting down; painted, along with the hallway he's sitting in.

Niagara Falls, NY

The bus in the foreground of both pics is real, the two guys in front of the bus (yellow tank and black shirt) real. The rest, all painted!

I believe my Art History professor at WSU would be peeved if I hadn’t scrounged this word out of the deep recesses of my brain (with help from GOOGLE/Wiki of course); trompe l’oeil (French: deceive the eye) is the style of art where a flat surface is made to look as if it has three dimensions. Many of the artworks above represent that.  Here is one of the most impressive (I’ve said that word ‘impressive’ a lot) displays of  trompe l’oeil and I remember her showing this in class:

Jesuit Church in Vienna. The ceiling is arched, but not domed, all of the art work between the gold arches is a fresco by Andrea Pozzo 1703.

For something a little closer to home you can see some great reproductions in Sin City, Las Vegas, Nevada inside the Casinos. 🙂

I have one last picture for you, it’s not an illusion, it’s just a little bit of awesome that someone created this.

May your travels be safe and your journeys grand no matter how small.



Row 1: Lieutenant Shaffer (A Time for Killing), Willie Bill Bearden (Journey To Shiloh), Jake (Getting Straight), Bob Falfa (American Graffiti), Martin Stett (The Conversation)

Row 2: Han Solo (Star Wars: A New Hope), Ken Boyd (Heroes), Barnsby (Force 10 from Navarone), Colonel Lucas (Apocalypse Now), Lieutenant David Halloran (Hanover Street)

Row 3: Tommy Lilard (The Frisco Kid), Han Solo (Star Wars: Empire Strikes Back), Indiana Jones (Raiders of the Lost Ark), Rick Deckard (Blade Runner), Han Solo (Star Wars: Return of the Jedi)

Row 4: Indiana Jones (Temple of Doom), John Book (Witness), Allie Fox (Mosquito Coast), Dr. Richard Walker (Frantic), Jack Trainer (Working Girl)

Row 5: Indiana Jones (Last Crusade), Rozat Sabich (Presumed Innocent), Henry Turner (Regarding Henry), Jack Ryan (Patriot Games), Dr. Richard Kimble (The Fugitive)

Row 6: Jack Ryan (Clear and Present Danger), Linus Larrabee (Sabrina), Tom O’Meara (The Devil’s Own), Prez. James Marshall (Air Force One), Quinn Harris (6 days 7 nights)

Row 7: Dutch Van Den Broek (Random Hearts), Norman Spencer (What Lies Beneath), Captain Alexei Vostrikov (K-19: the Widow Maker), Sergeant Joe Gavilan (Hollywood Homicide), Jack Stanfield (Firewall)

Row 8: Indiana Jones (Kingdom of the Crystal Skull), Max Brogan (Crossing Over), Dr. Robert Stonehill (Extraordinary Measures), Mike Pomeroy (Morning Glory), Colonel Woodrow Dolarhyde (Cowboys & Aliens)


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