Mortality Count for Hurricane Irene Wave Watchers- Poll

As Irene starts her trek up the east coast you can already find people standing  out on piers braving the storm surges to catch glimpses of big waves.  This doesn’t count reporters that for some reason are also standing very close to dangerous places outside.

I don’t know about you, but weather reporting doesn’t have to be done at risk to life and limb; my reporters and cameramen don’t need to be natural-disaster gladiators for me to be satisfied that the news is accurate.

You say it’s really windy with high waves, I believe you.

This little running total though is dedicated to the nit-wit amateur storm chasers that are dumb asses that risk their life, and consequently those of rescue/emergency personnel, just to say they stood in the teeth of the storm.

To them I bid a fond adieu and good riddance, the gene pool is a better place without you.

As of the time of this posting (approximately) 3:50 pm 8/27/2011 the only deaths were due to car accident, falling tree, and a heart attack. None of these should be categorized as a Darwin Award in my book.

Take the following poll to register how many you think will be swept out to sea while watching for big waves:

The poll expires in a week. Visit back to find the results!

UPDATE 9/2/11:

Here are the reported deaths (Huffington Post), most are an unfortunate circumstance, I’m only reporting the ones that I regard that people should have known better.

Florida —

Volusia County, 55-year-old Frederick Fernandez died Saturday off New Smyrna Beach after he was tossed off his board by massive waves caused by Irene. The Orlando Sentinel reports the high school teacher had a large cut on his head, apparently from hitting the sea floor.

Flagler County, 55-year-old tourist James Palmer of New Jersey died Saturday in rough surf. Family members say they lost sight of him after he waded into the surf in North Florida. He was pulled to shore and his wife attempted CPR, but he was pronounced dead at the hospital.

Pennsylvania — (I’m including this one, while there were several tree-falling related deaths, they were people who were trying to stay inside).

A 58-year-old Harrisburg man was killed Sunday morning when a tree toppled onto his tent, state police said. The man was one of about 20 people at a party on private property in East Hanover Township, Dauphin County, some of whom who decided to sleep outside.

TOTAL: 3 Deaths

Now, if I were to include those that died while out driving during the storm we’d be higher.

Total including traffic accidents/high-water due to Irene: 12


2 responses to “Mortality Count for Hurricane Irene Wave Watchers- Poll

  1. While I admit a total fascination with the weather and I am prone to watching the Weather Channel just ’cause, I really don’t need to see the storm live. I too believe it when they tell me it is really windy and wet. I have a very good imagination and I use it often so I can conjure up pictures of said wind and rain.

    • I’ve posted the total: 3 if you only count those who were out ‘playing’ when they shouldn’t be. If you count the people driving; some during the height of the storm, then to total bumps up to 12.

      Tornadoes by the way are the phenomenon that freak me out. Though the idea of being on a bridge during an earth quake is an equally awful thought.

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