8-days of Halloween: Day 6, Haunted Houses and Locations

"Only two things scare me; and Carnies is the second."

Previously I’ve mentioned the Winchester Mansion and yesterday, Amityville Horror which was debunked as a hoax had, for a short while anyway, held the benefit of being a location of murder and evil haunting. For the record I don’t believe in ghosts (which will be tomorrows article) or haunted any places, but we are doing this for the sake of psyching ourselves out for Halloween so I’m going to list for you haunted and mysterious places you can visit around the United States beyond your temporary shop of horrors set up by Carnies.

From AMCTV.com The Top 12 Best Haunted House Movies as voted on by fans.

  1. The Shining: Caretaker at a winter resort! Sounds like a great gig, until you realized the hotel is haunted… and totally isolated.
  2. The Amityville Horror: That voice booming “get out?” Listen and learn… if the house doesn’t like you, cut and run.
  3. Poltergeist: If you find out your house is built on defiled Native-American graves — get out of the contract.
  4. House on Haunted Hill: Eccentric millionaire turns his modern abode into a house of horrors… and you’re visiting why?
  5. The Haunting: Cold spots, phantom dogs, loud noises and scary voices are just a few of its selling points.
  6. Beetlejuice: The good news, the former owners loved this place. The bad, they refuse to leave.
  7. 1408: John Cusack is challenged to survive a haunted hotel room. His solution: Burn the place down.
  8. The Grudge: If brochures show a cute house in Tokyo, it could be because a supernatural curse is harder to photograph.
  9. The Legend of Hell House: When a place gets a nickname like “Hell House,” think twice before running over to get a cup of sugar.
  10. Monster House: Little kids hone in on a ghostly possession at the house next door. The neighborly thing to do; excise it.
  11. Burnt Offerings: The family is falling apart, the house looks better by the day… what’s wrong with this picture?
  12. The Sentinel: That brownstone apartment isn’t a great deal if you have to guard the mouth of Hell. Trust us.

From RealHaunts.com I bring you a sampling of scary abodes:

The University of Alabama

Tuscaloosa, Alabama

U of A circa 1907 after the Civil War

The U of A opened its doors to the public in 1831, having about 100 students. Since its inception, the university had disciplinary problems, with gunfights on the grounds not being all that uncommon. After 29 years of trouble, the school was transformed into a military academy, and just in time to train soldiers for the Civil War. Some say that in April of 1865, a Union soldier came onto campus to sign a treaty. When he entered the cadet guardhouse, now known as Jason’s Shrine or as The Little Round House, he was beaten, tortured and murdered. Another version of the story is that when Union troops were marching to the university–specifically to burn it down–two confederate soldiers stayed behind to kill a few Yankees. When three Federal soldiers asked one of the young cadets where to find some whiskey, he told them to go into the small structure. Lying in wait was the second southern cadet who shot the three soldiers when they entered the building. If you put your ear up to the door, you can sometimes hear soldiers prowling for whiskey. On a foggy night, some say the spirits of soldiers can be seen marching through the quad to an unknown spectral destination.

Smith Hall has also had some spooky incidents reported from within. Some say that they have heard Dr. Smith’s carriage, which is exhibited on the main floor, careen through the building, the sound of wheels and horses coming out of nowhere. Footsteps also have been heard entering the upstairs classrooms and the sounds of a ghostly lecture coming from a classroom at night. One night, a few students tried to catch what they thought was an intruder in the building. They followed the voices to a classroom, and when they entered the room, the once lined-up rows of desks were scattered. They later discovered that a boiler explosion had killed a number of students who were in the room years before. In the basement, students have complained of feeling watched while working in the lab. An assistant was pushed into a closet one night and locked in. When he tried to open the closet door, it would not release him until morning. From then on, he ignored any out of the ordinary sounds, all interest in investigation had been sucked out of him.

The most common complaint students have is microwaves starting, stopping and making strange noises, even when the microwave is unplugged. Photos are developed showing light orbs floating through them, and footsteps are heard at night. Some say that a girl committed suicide by lighting herself on fire on the 13th floor of Tutwiler Hall. Shadowy forms of people have been spotted speeding through the halls.

Gorgas Library

Gorgas Library still entertains the ghost of its namesake, Amelia Gayle Gorgas and the Music Library is haunted by a man in black who wanders the stacks, sometimes touching people looking through materials. Hoole Special Collections Library has an elevator that will still occasionally drop off ghostly riders when the power has been turned off.

Even Tennessee Williams has a part of the hauntings at the University. Marian Gallaway, the theater director during the mid-twentieth century, has been sighted in white on the stage in her theater in Rowand-Johnson Hall. Marian’s husband had left her to pursue a romance with Tennessee Williams, and Williams supposedly used Marian as the inspiration for Blanche DuBois in A Streetcar Named Desire.

The students of the University of Alabama have a lot more “school spirit” than they may have bargained for.

The Queen Mary

Long Beach Harbor, California

By Shannon Reinbold-Gee

Queen Mary Ocean Liner

Moored in Long Beach Harbor is one of the most haunted ships in the world. Listed on the National Register of Historic Places, this 1,000 foot long ship’s construction started in 1930, and, being delayed by the Great Depression’s influence, could only take its maiden voyage in 1936. For three glorious years The Queen Mary was the star of the ocean liner industry, hosting people like the Duke and Duchess of Windsor, Clark Gable, Greta Garbo, the Gershwins and Sir Winston Churchill—just to name a few. The Queen Mary held the record for the quickest North Atlantic crossing in her hey-day, but with the outbreak of World War II in 1939, her luxury services were set aside and she became known as “The Grey Ghost,” a troop transport.

During the war she participated in almost every important Allied campaign, including the D-Day invasion. It was during this time in her amazing history that tragedy struck. In an attempt to dodge enemy ships, “The Grey Ghost” maneuvered right into one of her smaller companion ships, nearly cutting it in half. Under strict orders, she left the 300 survivors to a watery death. It is said you can still sometimes hear their screams and the pounding of their fists on her fore hull. As the war drew to a close, “The Grey Ghost” took part in the “Bride and Baby Voyages,” carrying more than 20,000 war brides and their babies to the US and Canada. In 1946 alone, The Grey Ghost made 13 voyages of this type.

In 1947 she was refurbished and renewed her job as a luxury liner, running weekly between England and New York. Later she took tourists into the Caribbean, but not being fitted with air-conditioning she was not very popular. In 1967 she was sold to the city of Long Beach, California to be used as a maritime museum and hotel.

Now she is frequently visited by curious tourists. It’s claimed that as many as 150 spirits roam the ship, with the ship herself being the site of nearly 50 deaths over the last 60 years.

The spots where most of the disturbances are located include the engine room, Door 13, the first and second-class pools, the women’s changing room, the first-class lounge, the third-class playroom, the Queen’s Salon and one particular cabin.

In The Queen Mary’s engine room and the boiler room, cameras go dead, batteries get drained and orbs show up in photos. Occasionally cameras simply “give up the ghost” refusing to operate normally until they’ve left the area. In Engine Room 2, people report feeling a sense of dread—perhaps because this was the spot many stowaways believed would be their safe-haven. Instead, when the engines roared to life many were burned. Door #13 in the belly of the boat has crushed two men to death, one a young seaman who lied about his age to get the job he so desperately wanted. People report seeing him, dressed in blue coveralls, hurrying down “Shaft Alley” towards the door before he disappears.

Queen Mary Engine Room

The old swimming pools are also the sites of frequent sightings. Visitors have reported women in wearing swimsuits from the 1930s walking the pool decks. Others have heard splashing or spotted fresh wet footprints. Near one of the pools people have even seen a little girl, sometimes clutching a teddy bear, and at other times calling for her mommy and dolly. Is this the ghost of the little girl, named Jackie, who drowned while the Queen Mary played ocean liner? Or is it the little girl—supposedly quite precocious and a child who enjoyed sliding down banisters—who went for a slide and got bucked off when the ship hit a huge swell, the child’s neck snapping as a result of sudden impact? Perhaps the two have even found each other and play together, as many report hearing childish laughter.

In the third-class children’s playroom a baby’s cries are sometimes heard. Those who know the ship best think it is the sound of the little boy who died there, shortly after his birth. Other ghosts occasionally are spotted in the playroom, too—perhaps parents picking their children up from what was essentially daycare, or maybe the caretakers themselves linger, watching for the children still aboard.

A strange vortex phenomenon has also been reported near the women’s changing room, supposedly the resulting negative force because of a woman being raped nearby.

In some first-class staterooms, a man wearing a 1930’s style suit has been seen and phones are known to ring without anyone on the other end. Faucets also turn on in the middle of the night as if someone is washing up after a late night enjoying themselves.

A beautiful young woman in a stylish evening gown can sometimes be spotted in the Queen’s Salon. Some claim she dances alone in a shadowy corner of the room.

But beyond the tragic deaths of children and military men, perhaps the darkest thing still clinging to the Queen Mary is the remnants of one mysterious man’s deeds. Once, a single male passenger checked in, and stowing his luggage, gave a steward some cash to see if he could find a willing female companion to share his cabin for the night. The steward was successful and dropped a woman off for the man. The pair retired for the evening. The next morning, when the steward realized his patron was not at breakfast, he went to see how things had gone. He knocked on the cabin door, but got no answer. Worried, he raced away to find his superior—a man who could open the door. When the door opened they were horrified to find the corpse of the willing woman, her blood spread round the room. They searched for the only suspect—the male passenger—but found no sign of him—no registration information, no luggage… There had not even been a passenger assigned to that cabin. To this day, the man’s identity and method of escape baffles everyone who hears the chilling tale of what happened when two people met for a sudden tryst.

Hatchet Lady Bridge

Golden, Colorado

Beneath this bridge, the decapitated body of Adolph Coors’ son was found. If one cross the bridge in a car, it will sputter inexplicably. The car does not completely lose control, however, and one can safely make it across the bridge.

Buckhorn Exchange

Denver, Colorado

Presently a restaurant, when the fur trade began, this building was one of the first trading posts in the area. It is said that the building is haunted by many of the traders. There have been reports of tables moving suddenly. Also, many have reported hearing voices and footsteps when no one is talking or moving.

Molly Brown House

Denver, Colorado

Molly Brown House

The unusual activity in this house has been reported by several employees. Hauntings include dark shadows moving about rooms when there is no light to produce them, and piano keys moving on their own, but making no sound. In this building, many people report the pungent smell of fresh cigar smoke; Mr. Brown was known to be an avid smoker of cigars.

Ponce de Leon Hotel

St. Augustine, Florida

The building that is now a college used to be the Ponce de Leon Hotel, run by Henry Flagler and his mentally unstable wife. After their daughter died, Mrs. Flagler hanged herself on the fourth floor of the hotel. The building, which is also the girls dormitory is plagued by many strange events. Girls on the third floor constantly hear ballroom music above them, although the 4th floor is sealed off. One girl reportedly went into hysterics because her bed began to shake wildly, though no one was in the room with her. Though they need the space, administrators will not allow students to room on the fourth floor.

Ghost Light Road

Jacksonville, Florida

A man was once driving down this road when he crashed and was subsequently decapitated. If one drives on this road at about five miles an hour, a white light will approach the car and then hover above it.

The Boston House

Fort Pierce, Florida

The Boston House

In 1901, a woman hanged herself in the attic of this building. The attic, which now serves as an attorney’s office, is haunted by the woman. The woman now haunts the buildings. Her visits occur so often that the story has been featured in the local newspaper numerous times.

Kaimuki House

Kaimuki, Hawaii

By Cecilia

Honolulu, Hawaii

Hawaii is known for its beaches, beautiful scenery, and friendly natives…but did you know it’s also one of America’s most haunted states? There are countless stories telling of ghosts and demons, including a particularly nasty one located at the famous Kaimuki House in Honolulu, Hawaii. Many families have moved or vacationed there over the years, only to be thrown out by strange and usually dangerous occurrences. On one occasion, a young couple bought the property and moved in. Within a short time, people next door started hearing loud bangs and crashes. Thinking it was a domestic violence incident, the neighbors called the police. But when the police arrived to investigate, nobody could even begin to explain what had been happening. All the couple could gather was that it felt as if they were “being attacked by something they could not even see.”

The creature said to reside in the Kaimuki house is called a “Kasha”, a man-eating ghost from Japanese folklore. Other interpretations of this monster include a ghoul who lives around crematoriums and feeds on the dead, and a cat-like demon from the sky who steals away bodies. However, all three versions have one thing in common: its insatiable hunger for blood and corpses.

Sometime during the summer of 1942, the police were called to the house again for another incident. A woman had been repeatedly screaming, “She’s trying to kill my children!” which they heard upon pulling up to the front of the house. After entering, the police could only stare for over an hour as the three kids were hurled across the room, slapped, and levitated…all by some invisible force. This event (which was published in the local newspaper) inspired Arthur McDougal to write a fictional, much more violent account. In his story, the children were literally ripped apart by the entity right before the mother’s eyes.

In the spring of 1977, another young couple moved into the Kaimuki House, oblivious to its creepy history. Nothing seemed to be out of the ordinary until they returned from having a traditional Hawaiian Mother’s Day dinner, and retired for the night at about 8:00 pm. Around midnight, the bedroom became increasingly chilly, although there was no wind blowing through the curtains. Having woken up, the wife saw a white figure of a large woman standing at the foot of their bed. However, there was nothing visible below her waist, and she appeared to have no arms. Once the wife got up to use the bathroom, the figure disappeared. A little shaken by these events, the couple made an appointment to see their reverend. He told them that their visitor was simply a wandering, harmless spirit who needed a little help moving on. He then advised them to put some food and water on a table every night in the general area where they had seen the ghost, and toss it out the window at dusk as an offering. After the couple repeated this for a whole week, the woman never appeared again.

I coldn't find any ghosts, so here you have the Hibiscus, Hawaii's state flower

A possible explanation for these spooky happenings may be the two murders allegedly committed in the house. The first one is a twist on the story mentioned before, about the children being brutally killed. However, the case states that it was actually a father who murdered his two kids, along with his wife. He buried his son and wife in the backyard, but the daughter’s body was never found. The second event tells of a lesbian couple, where one of the women became involved with a man. After discovering his girlfriend’s secret, the man proceeded to kill her, the other woman, and himself…all within the walls of the Kaimuki house. Today, villagers still tell stories of the terrifying occurrences, and many books and newspaper articles have been written detailing the haunts.

The Kraft House

Pocatello, Idaho

In 1984, after being drugged at a party by a crazed man, a young woman was taken to this warehouse. She was raped while on a chair in the middle of the warehouse, and in the process, the depraved’s gun went off, instantly killing the woman. The bullet was never found. Exactly ten years later, the manager of the warehouse had to stay late to complete an assignment. At 3:59 AM, 15 calls were made to 911 from the 15 phone lines in the warehouse. All the operators reported hearing a woman cry, “Please help me,” then a dial tone. When police arrived on the scene, they found a chair in the middle of the warehouse, and a bullet nearby.

Theorosa’s Bridge

Wichita, Kansas

When this area was first being settled, a woman named Theorosa lived near this bridge along with her children. Though the exact details are unclear, Theorosa eventually killed her children and then herself. Today, she haunts the bridge. The weather on the bridge is never the same as anywhere else in town. The bridge has also been set on fire several times; investigations reveal nothing.

Kansas State University

Manhattan, Kansas

Anderson Hall KSU

The Purple Mask Theater is haunted by an unfortunate football player. During his last collegiate game, he took such a nasty hit that he was killed.

Old Elerbe Road School

Shreveport, Louisiana

This former school was closed due to the disappearances of several people, one being a beloved janitor. When the children went to look for him, they too disappeared–one by one. All that remains is a building in which all the lockers have been knocked out; in their place is a mural of the grim reaper. At night, one may hear the screams of children and the sound of a school bell.

Witches Den or Circle

New Orleans, Louisiana

At this old fountain, witchcraft was practiced very regularly. Many dogs and cats were murdered during sacrifices; their howls and meows are still heard today. Also heard are the screams of cries of the murdered and of the virgins that were brutally raped.

Quaker Cemetery

Worcester, Massachusetts

Spider Gates

Called Spider Gates because it has eight gates, this cemetery is said to be very dangerous. Starting at the first gate it is said that one will hear whispers and notice leaves moving around when the wind is calm. As one gets closer to the eighth gate, it is said they will feel the sensation of someone brushing against them. Others have reported seeing people walking aimlessly around graves. As one gets closer to the eight gate, the sensations and images become so strong that most people faint. No one has ever made it to the eight gate. It is said that some have suffered massive heart attacks and died because they were over come with fear.

Joshua Ward House

Salem, Massachusetts

Built on the foundation of the former sheriff that was responsible for hanging witches during the infamous Salem witch trials’s house, many reports of hauntings in the house have been reported. The sheriff used an old English law that allowed him to crush a suspected witch with rocks to make him plead guilty or innocent. The man eventually died, but he did so, he “cursed” the sheriff. The sheriff died 5 years later of unknown causes. Candles have mysteriously been taken out of their holders and melted, trash cans have turned over, it is always cold in the corner of one room, alarms are set off for no reason, one guest has seen an elderly ghost sitting by the fireplace, and a picture has been taken of one of the ghosts

Preque Isle Lighthouse

Presque Isle, Michigan

The lighthouse was supposedly the scene of a fight between two men over one particularly lovely young lady. The woman’s lover one, leaving the lighthouse operator alone. The operator stayed in solitude and died after many years. Other operators of the light house have reported hearing someone walking up the stairs toward the light. After many years, the lighthouse was decommissioned and abandoned. Still, however, sailors have reported being able to see the light.

AMC Hampton Theatres

Rochester Hills, Michigan

Three theatres were built in 1971, and in 1979 a fourth one was added. During the process of building, a worker was killed. Soon after construction was completed, many strange happenings were witnessed on the premises. Seats in the front row have rocked on their own, garbage cans rolled up the aisle, cans knocked over by themselves, lights flicker on their own, toilets have randomly flushed, and many others. These strange events have been witnessed by numerous patrons and employees. Over time, the employees nicknamed the ghost “Johnny”. The theatres closed on January 17, 1999 due to a lease expiration. In March of 1999, a group of former employees visited theatre four, said, “Hi.” to Johnny, and the lights mysteriously turned on.

Goldfield Hotel

Goldfield, Nevada

Goldfield Hotel

Following the impregnation of a prostitute by the manager of the hotel many years ago, the manager became angry at the women for the incident and took her to his hotel. As her pregnancy became more obvious, he chained her to the radiator in one of the rooms., and when the baby was born, he killed them both. The hotel has been closed for many years with no power to any part of it, but on some nights there are several lighted rooms. Workers have been hired on several different occasions to do restoration on the hotel, and due to the many unexplained incidents, the hotel restoration has never been completed and has changed hands several times. There have been several ghosts seen in several parts of the hotel, including the prostitute, the original owner, and two other men. Paranormal experts have visited the hotel many times and have determined that it is one of the nine portals that connect our world with the spirit world.

Arlo Road

Staten Island, New York

Local legend says that one night a young couple came to this spot for a little TLC. At one pint, the man left the car to relieve himself in the nearby woods. As he left, he told his girlfriend to lock the doors until he returned. After some time, when her beau did not return the young lady became worried. Suddenly, she heard scraping noises on the hood. Getting out of the car to inspect, the girl discovering her boyfriend hanging from a tree with his throat cut. It is said that if couples park at the site on cool fall evening, they will the sound of the young mans fingers scraping across the hood.

Kreischer Mansion

Staten Island, New York

Kreischer Mansion

The Kreischer family once owned and operated a brick factory that supplied most the bricks for the Staten Island area in the 1800s. With their profits, they built two large mansions-one for the original family, and another for their son, and his wife. The second home, which was built far from the main road, suspiciously burned down, taking both the son’s and his wife’s lives. Prior to the burning of the home, a feud had erupted between the son and his father, for which there was no reconciliation. It is said that the home is now haunted by the son and wife, with apparitions appearing, banging noises, and doors slamming on their own. The house has since been converted into a restaurant.

Morpheus Bridge

Wendell, North Carolina

A family of three was driving along this bridge, when they crashed into the side, being ejected from the car and falling to the murky depths below. As a result of this tragic incident, the woman and child died, leaving only the father. It is said that if one parks his car on the bridge on Halloween, it car will shut off, and the woman will appear, searching for her lost child.

The Mayo House

Tarboro, North Carolina

The house is reported to be haunted by the Mayo family. In a fit of rage, Mr. Mayo killed his family and then hanged himself. It is said that if one approaches the house at night, he will be chased by dogs. The family will then come outside, get the dog, and invite the person inside. It is said that upon entering the house one will see a rope dangling the stair well. Suddenly, the rope and the family will vanish.

Tulsa University

Tulsa, Oklahoma

Tulsa University

After completing a team-building ropes course, a resident adviser induced her death by overdosing on medication; she left the phone off the hook. Residents of this dorm allege that their telephones are taken off the hook during the middle of the night; the noise wakes them.

Gap Road

Bartlesville, Oklahoma

During the Tulsa Race Riots, many African-Americans were hanged here. It is said that if one takes their car to this road and puts it in neutral, it will climb the hill. It is said that the people hanged during the riots are the force pushing the car.

Knight Hall

Forest Grove, Oregon

The hall, which now houses the University’s Admissions Office, was once a private, three-story dwelling. After the home was converted for the university, a ghost that has been named Vera would move through the halls, singing, and playing the piano. Allegedly, the stories were confirmed in 1979 by a group of young reporters. One of the reporters began to play the piano and Vera repeatedly said, “Please stop.” The reporters left and returned the next night with more friends. When they once again started to play the piano, Vera is said to have released a loud sigh.

The White Eagle Cafe

Portland, Oregon

This former brothel, hotel, and boarding house has many mysterious legends in its history. In one instance, it is alleged that a waitress was going to the basement and felt someone push her-twice. Falling down the stairs, she got the attention of the bartender and bouncer. When the two reached the bottom of the stairs, they discovered a mop and bucket had been thrown down after then. In another, one of the former owners reported hearing someone upstairs crying. When he went upstairs to see what was going on, the crying was so strong, the hairs on his back were raised. The man ran across the street and saw a glowing figure in the window from whence the crying came. No one has been near that room in thirteen years. Presently, there are reports of flushing toilets, whispering voices, moving furniture, and loose change with mint dates over forty years old.

Bullock Hotel

Deadwood, South Dakota

Bullock Hotel

Sheriff Seth Bullock was one of the most successful and famous lawmen ever to inhabit this town. It is said that even his stare could prevent a brawl from coming about. The hotel was founded in the 1870s by the sheriff, and he has supposedly roamed the halls of the building since his death in 1919.

Sleepy Hollow Lane (How could I not include this with a name like that?)

Trenton, Tennessee

This may not be found in Trenton...

It has been rumored that if one stops on the road, rolls down the windows, turns the ignition off, and then yells, “Come to me” three times, he will hear and see many ghosts. The car will then not be able to start until the next morning.

Blackwell House

Bartlett, Tennessee

It is said that no family has been able to live in this exquisite home for more than a month or so. There are reports of a man walks through the house all night dressed in his Sunday best. It is said that if one drives by the house at night, either every light will be on or no lights may be on at all. There is one particular report of a family that awoke one night to find the lamp on the night stand on. They turned it off. An hour later, they woke up again to find this lamp on. This time, they unplugged it. A little while later, they saw the bulb glowing again, but the lamp was still unplugged. Suddenly, the bulb exploded into flames. The next day, they heard that Mr. Blackwell never allowed his children to sleep in the dark.

The Spanish Governor’s Mansion

San Antonio, Texas

Spanish Governor's Mansion, the Courtyard

When this building was renovated, the skeleton of a woman was found. Apparently, the woman had been raped and killed by a mob of Spanish soldiers. Since the discovery of the skeleton the woman’s spirit has been said to haunt the premises.

Adobe House

Shafter, Texas

Locals say that long ago a young woman and her daughter lived in the house. After marrying a soldier in Pancho Villa’s Army, the woman and her daughter were frequently abused. On particular night, the inebriated man began to beat the woman to death. As she was knocking at death’s door, her daughter came into the room. The soldier, then grabbed the child and threw her into a wall, breaking her back. Enraged, the young woman gathered enough strength to shoot the man in his face. As he fell, an oil lamp collapsed, setting the woman ablaze. Engulfed in flames, the woman went into the next room and held her daughter until they both died. It is said that if one goes to the house on cloudy nights, lays face down, and says “Mama” three times, the smell of burning flesh will arrive. Burned footprints will also appear in the floor.

Chester Avenue

Bremerton, Washington

This apartment complex was used as a hospital during the early 1900s. Today, there are reports of ghostly nurses and patients wandering the halls.

Campbell House

Spokane, Washington

Campbell House

This house was once owned and inhabited by a wealthy family who eventually died. Today, the house has been converted to Cheney Cowle’s Museum. Hauntings include sightings of children playing in the bedrooms, mysterious noises, and some even claim that eyes in the portraits move.

Nashotah House Seminary

Nashotah, Wisconsin

Nashotoh House

The grounds of this Episcopal seminary have been inhabited since the 1500s, and have been inhabited by a ghost since the mid-1700s. When an acolyte to the Episcopal priesthood attended this seminary, his wife had an affair with the Dean. To accommodate this affair, the woman hanged her husband; it was ruled a suicide, however. Since committing suicide is a mortal sin, the acolyte was buried in a cornfield rather than the cemetery. On her deathbed, the cheating wife confessed to her crime. The seminary wished to rightfully bury the body, so they exhumed the casket only to find that it was empty. It is said that the acolyte still haunts the grounds trying to get justice.

The railroad tracks off 72nd St.

Plover, Wisconsin

One day, a young mother lost her two sons near these railroad tracks. After desperately attempting to locate them, she became so saddened that she laid her body on the railroad tracks and waited to be killed. A moment before the train came, the boys jumped out the bushes where they were hiding just in time to witness their mother being killed. The boys were later admitted to a mental institution and can be seen walking along the tracks every July as restless spirits.


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