Happy Thanksgiving- The Long Weekend Funny…

I’d like to open with Abraham Lincoln’s Thanksgiving Proclamation…

Naturally, if you want to enlarge the proclamation you can click on the image and then expand it further.  I just think it is a great piece of writing and appreciate the thanks being devoted to God in what would, in today’s times, bring great gnashing of teeth from many partisans not to mention so much fodder for talk-radio of all ilks to gorge on they’d explode like the Sloth in “Se7en.”

News of the Weird montage of Thanksgiving escapades and oddities from the past

Picture not from Boeing, but you get the idea.

According to a December Orange County Register story, Mark W. Dziga of Long Beach, Calif., had just filed an employment discrimination lawsuit against his former company, Boeing, for firing him because he chose to work in the nude at the office on Thanksgiving Day 1998 when he thought he was alone. A security guard turned him in for violating the company’s dress code, and Dziga charged that his subsequent termination was illegal in that Boeing should have provided “reasonable accommodation” to his religion of shamanism.

Lisa Blair and her six sisters were enjoying a Thanksgiving meal in Hamilton, Ontario (in Canada, Thanksgiving was Oct. 12), when they began noticing suspicious flecks in the food and realized that their necklace lockets, containing the ashes of their mother (who had passed away two weeks earlier) were leaking. A local funeral services store restocked and sealed the lockets. [Hamilton Spectator, 10-26-09]

Dolly Neff, executive director of the West Texas Food Bank in Odessa for 16 years, stood on a chair at a pre-Thanksgiving event last year and screamed at the food recipients that they should all be showing more gratitude for the charity they were receiving. (She resigned a few days later.) And in December, according to residents at an Edmonton, Alberta, homeless shelter, Alberta’s Premier Ralph Klein, in an unscheduled late-night visit, swore at some residents, told them to get jobs, and derisively tossed money on the floor as he left. (A few days later, Klein said the incident was the result of his drinking problem.) [Dallas Morning News, 11-30-01] [Edmonton Journal, 12-20-01]

Some callers to Boston’s major homeless shelters became angry that their requests to help out this year on Thanksgiving and Christmas day were rejected because the shelters have too many volunteers on those days (yet too few on the other 363 days a year). A Boston Globe reporter found that volunteers even try to cajole officials to bump them up the waiting list (170 on one shelter’s list, which started accumulating names in August), but express disappointment at suggestions that they help at less “popular” (and less prestigious) suburban shelters. [Boston Globe, 11-29-02]

Jeremy Aron, 33, was arrested for DUI on Thanksgiving night in Portsmouth, N.H., when an off-duty police officer spotted him driving down Lafayette Road with a fire hydrant stuck to his bumper. [Portsmouth Herald, 11-28-08]

Are you Bizzzzzy for Thanksgiving?

Two customers and an employee were trapped inside Sam’s Mini Market for two hours on Thanksgiving Day by successive swarms of bees that coated the front door, until firefighters foamed them off (Chatsworth, Calif.). Panda bear experts announced that “dating” software had been developed to match males’ and females’ personality characteristics so as to improve mating opportunities (Beijing). An aboriginal Manitoba (Canada) woman alleged racial profiling when she was not allowed to buy hairspray at an Extra Foods store, probably because owners feared she only wanted to drink it (Winnipeg). Britain’s Office of Fair Trading charged the toy company Hasbro (maker of Monopoly) with retail price-fixing. [Reuters, 11-29-02] [CNN-Reuters, 11-24-02] [CBC News, 12-3-02] [The Independent, 11-30-02]

Officials of Hyde Park Baptist Church in Austin, Texas, initially agreed to host the annual multi-denominational Austin Area Interreligious Ministries Thanksgiving celebration last year, but abruptly canceled when they came to realize that Muslims might actually pray there. Under criticism, the church said that it “hopes” the religious community “will … be tolerant of our church’s beliefs” that necessitated the decision. [Austin American-Statesman, 11-16-07]

In December, the 200 employees at SAS Shoemakers in Pittsfield, Mass., and the 270 workers at Stine Seed Co. in Adel, Iowa, were each given Christmas bonuses of $1,000 for every year of service to the company. In other bonus news, Tower Automotive of Traverse City, Mich., gave employees $15 Thanksgiving grocery gift cards, but then withheld $5.51 of that as federal and state income tax, and Air Canada gave coupons to 100 of its best-performing customer-service personnel, redeemable at restaurants owned by its in-flight food service contractor, worth C$5.00 (US$3.75). [Associated Press, 12-15-03] [Des Moines Register, 12-20-03] [CNN.com-AP, 12-12-03] [Forbes-Reuters, 11-25-03]

Apparently, Illinois is second only to Texas in racking up the tally of house fires caused by dunking their turkey in fat fryers.

CHAMPAIGN — Champaign firefighters remind feast preparers to watch what they’re doing on Thanksgiving.

A news release from fire department spokeswoman Dena Schumacher said Thanksgiving continues to be the leading day for home cooking fires in the U.S., according to the National Fire Protection Association.

Illinois was second only to Texas for the most fires on Thanksgiving, according to data for the past five years.

One leading cause of Thanksgiving fires in Illinois is the use of turkey deep fat fryers. While a popular method for cooking the turkey, these deep fat fryers continue to be a fire hazard when safety guidelines are not followed.

Oregonians however are not immune

Luckily home owner's insurance covers 'stupid.'

Firefighters from Tualatin Valley Fire and Rescue arrived to find flames burning the exterior of the home on the back deck. They quickly put the fire out and prevented it from spreading to the rest of the home, according to Brian Barker, district spokesman.

The man who called 9-1-1 told investigators that he was staying at his parents home and decided to use a turkey fryer to cook a surprise meal for his parents, who were out-of-town. Despite manufacturers directions to the contrary, the man filled the turkey fryer three-fourths full with cooking oil and dropped the turkey into the fryer, Barker said. The turkey caused the fryer to overflow and the cooking oil immediately ignited after coming in contact with the fryer’s burner. Flames spread across the deck and, as the man tried to extinguish the fire with a fire extinguisher, the fire spread to the exterior kitchen wall of the home.

As the fire burned into the exterior of the home, the flames melted a water line and the fire appeared to be extinguished. The man who had attempted to cook the turkey assumed that the fire was out and left the scene of the fire to work in his parents’ wood-shop nearby. A short time later, he walked back inside the home and found the interior filling with smoke as flames torched the rear of the home.

Two great infographics regarding Thanksgiving

From About.com some Thanksgiving Trivia were you paying attention in school or even to the info above?

1. After their first disastrous winter in the colony, the Pilgrims were assisted by a Patauxet Indian who taught them how and where to catch fish and how to fertilize their crops. What was his name?

a) Powhaten.
b) Squanto
c) Massawippi
d) Pocahontas

2. Which U.S. President established Thanksgiving as an annual holiday?

a) George Washington
b) Abraham Lincoln
c) Franklin D. Roosevelt
d) Rutherford B. Hayes

3. Who was the first U.S. President to declare a national day of Thanksgiving?

a) George Washington
b) Abraham Lincoln
c) Franklin D. Roosevelt
d) Rutherford B. Hayes

4. What did the Pilgrims call their new colony?

a) Plymouth Colony
b) Jamestown
c) Roanoke
d) Cape Cod

5. How many days did the first Thanksgiving celebrations last?

a) Two
b) Three
c) Five
d) Seven

6. Who was the governor of the Plymouth Colony at the time of the first Thanksgiving celebration?

a) Miles Standish
b) John Alden
c) Edward Southworth
d) William Bradford

7. What was the name of the ship the Pilgrims took to reach America?

a) The Speedwell
b) The Bounty
c) The Godspeed
d) The Mayflower

8. When do Canadians celebrate Thanksgiving?

a) Same as in the U.S.
b) Second Monday of November
c) Second Monday of October
d) Fourth Thursday of October

9. Friendly natives from which tribe were invited to the Pilgrims’ Thanksgiving celebration?

a) Wampanoag
b) Iroquois
c) Patauxet
d) Algonquin

10. What year did the Pilgrims celebrate the first Thanksgiving?

a) 1620
b) 1621
c) 1622
d) 1630

11. In 1941, the U.S. Congress passed a resolution making Thanksgiving Day the fourth Thursday in November rather than the last. What was the purpose of the change?

a) To avoid potential snowstorms in the north.
b) To avoid heavy rains in the south
c) To extend the Christmas shopping season
d) All of the above.

Let us have ourselves some fun now with The Oatmeal’s Thanksgiving as a Kid vs. An Adult


Answers for Thanksgiving Trivia:

1. Squanto, also known as Tisquantum, befriended the Pilgrims and taught them the skills they needed to survive in their new home.

2. Abraham Lincoln (see first graphic)

3. George Washington was the first president to declare a national day of Thanksgiving in 1789, but it didn’t become an annual holiday until President Abraham Lincoln issued his Thanksgiving Proclamation in 1863.

4. Plymouth Colony. They called the colony Plymouth after the harbor in England from which they departed for the New World.

5. Three days.

6. William Bradford became governor of Plymouth Colony after the death of its first governor, John Carver.

7. Mayflower. Owned and operated by Christopher Jones, most likely named after the Mayflower Steps near Plymouth, England where the ship made port. Before her famous voyage to the New World with the Pilgrims she was a cargo ship used between England and France, Germany, Norway, and Spain.

8. Canadians celebrate Thanksgiving Day on the second Monday of October – the same day the U.S. celebrates Columbus Day.

9. According to Edward Winslow’s account of the event, some 90 members of the Wampanoag tribe, including their chief Massasoit, attended the Pilgrims’ 1621 Thanksgiving celebration.

10. 1621

11. To extend the Christmas shopping season. U.S. President Franklin D. Roosevelt had a lot to think about in 1939. The world had been suffering from the Great Depression for a decade and the Second World War had just erupted in Europe. On top of that, the U.S. economy continued to look bleak. So when U.S. retailers begged him to move Thanksgiving up a week to increase the shopping days before Christmas, he agreed.


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