Friday Funny- The Dog Did It…

Today my co-worker mentioned the recent story of a duck-hunter getting shot in the ass while setting up the duck decoys in the lake/pond and his dog stepping on the trigger.

I expressed my doubt as to whether this happens more due to poor gun safety or in some cases just plain liar, liar, pants on fire.

It is my belief that your typical gun, just laying on the ground or leaning against something would not be  in a position that a dog or other animal would be able to get their toe in there and then would exert enough pressure to fire the gun.

My coworker counters it’s a ‘one in a million shot’ which may be true, I just think this pops up fairly frequently in the media and that there is more to it than that.

Here is one of the recent articles about the duck-hunter in Utah, by Discovery News…

Kevin Potter, the Box Elder County Sheriff’s deputy chief (Utah), told the Tribune that the man had left his shotgun in the boat before the dog stepped on it.

“One of the hunters was inside the boat with the dog, and the other hunter was in the water setting up decoys,” he said. “The guy in the water had put his 12-gauge shotgun across the bow of their boat. The dog got excited, was jumping around inside the boat and then it jumped on the gun. It went off, shooting the (decoy setter) in the buttocks.”

Another Labrador shot his duck-hunting master back in 2010

By Alice Wolke Kalthoff, MYFOXDFW.COM

LAS BANOS, Calif. – A duck hunter is recovering after he was accidentally shot by his Labrador retriever over the weekend.

The man was picking up duck decoys Saturday on a hunting trip near Las Banos, California when his dog accidentally stepped on the loaded shotgun he left on the ground.

The victim was peppered in the upper left back with No. 2 shot from about 15 yards away, according to the Fresno Bee.

A pig-hunter in 2010 down in New Zealand also is shot in the backside

Police believe the animal stood on the trigger of a .22 bolt-action rifle in a freak accident.

The dog’s 40-year-old owner was getting into the rear seat of a four-wheel drive vehicle with the rifle next to him when the animal jumped in.

The group told police they had thought the gun, which in fact contained five shells, was unloaded.

In 2008 a man was fatally shot by his dog in Texas

In Chambers County, Texas, a dog fatally shoots his owner. Muddy paw prints were found on the gun, according to the Sherriff’s department.

Puppy shoots man in 2004, but he had it coming

PENSACOLA, Fla. — A man who tried to shoot seven puppies was shot himself when one of the dogs put its paw on the revolver’s trigger.

Jerry Allen Bradford, 37, was being treated at a hospital for a gunshot wound to his wrist.

Bradford said he decided to shoot the 3-month-old shepherd-mix dogs in the head because he couldn’t find them a home, according to the sheriff’s office.

Bradford was holding two puppies — one in his arms and another in his left hand — when the dog in his hand wiggled and put its paw on the trigger of the .38-caliber revolver. The gun then discharged, the sheriff’s report said.


My husband is a hunter (he grew up in Fairbanks, Alaska; they ate moose not beef), and I have shot handguns, so we are pretty familiar with the general mechanic of how guns work. The first question that comes to mind (especially with the California duck hunter) how do you get shot in the back if your gun was lying flat on the ground and your dog steps on the trigger?

Sure, there's that...

Also, what is up with all the dogs shooting most of the people in the back or the butt?

"How indeed."

I think that means we need to have ourselves some gun trivia!  Yee-Hah!

First, lets mention the gun safety.  There are three rules to gun safety:

  1. The gun is always loaded
  2. The gun is always loaded
  3. The gun is always loaded

Click here for the official NRA’s Gun Safety Rules and before you spout off how people are just gun crazy in America you will find in the instances were people accidentally do shoot themselves it’s because they ignored a basic rule. Otherwise I contest any time you hear about mass shootings in the news it is usually by criminals or mentally unbalanced individuals and you know what else? Criminal’s tend to not adhere to rules, so further gun restrictions/laws etc will just keep honest people from having guns while the people who are already breaking laws are NOT going to care about breaking gun-laws/restrictions to further their behavior. Crazy people tend to also ignore laws or will come up with some other crap to kill lots of people en mass like home-made bombs or arson.

Ok, off the soap box and onto the trivia…

From a difficult quiz plus I’ve added a few of my own:

  1. Who is credited with the development of the 44 Magnum?
  2. What shoulder angle are Ackley Improved rounds normally blown out at (ejected from the gun)?
  3. What is Walt Berger best known for?
  4. What new technology in barrel manufacturing has recently led to heavy barrel rifles being considerably lighter and also aids in cooling?
  5. What sniper rifle did ‘Lone Wolf McQuade’ use in the opening scene?
  6. What company will always be stuck with the moniker ‘pre 64’ for their older rifles also known as the ‘rifleman’s rifle’?
  7. What material does Nosler use for the ‘tip’ of the Ballistic Tip?
  8. What is Sweet’s 7.62?
  9. Name the five (5) types of stances used when shooting a handgun.
  10. The Walther PPK was used in 18 James Bond films, what was the new gun used in Tomorrow Never Dies?

Now for News of the Weird by Chuck Shepherd.

‘Dog stepping on gun shooting the owner’ is #35 of “No Longer Weird” on Chuck’s list.  You know it happens WAY too often when the leading editor of weird news deems it no longer weird/unusual enough to include in his medley of odd news.

Way to take one for the team there Simon

Enterprising reporters get stories by earning the trust of their sources, which Simon Eroro of the Post-Courier (Port Moresby, Papua New Guinea) obviously did. At a banquet in November, the News Limited (Rupert Murdoch’s empire) awarded Eroro its “Scoop of the Year” honor for reporting on militant tribal fighters of the Free West Papua movement — a scoop he had to earn by agreeing to undergo a ritual circumcision, with bamboo sticks, to prove his sincerity. (Some of the rebels still wear penis gourds whose size varies with the status of the wearer.) [Daily Telegraph, 11-7-2011]

Legal Eagles

An Illinois appeals court finally threw out a lawsuit in August, but not before the two-year-long battle had created a foot-high pile of legal filings on whether two “children” (now ages 23 and 20) could sue their mother for bad parenting while they were growing up. Among the claims were mom’s failure to send birthday cards or “care” packages during the kids’ college years and calling her daughter at midnight to ask that she return home from a party (and once failing to take the girl to a car show). [Chicago Tribune, 8-28-2011]

Todd Remis, an unemployed stock-market research analyst, filed a lawsuit in 2009 against the photographer of his 2003 wedding, citing breach of contract because the 400 shots taken during the ceremony failed to cover several key moments, such as the “last dance.” A November 2011 New York Times report pointed out that Remis is demanding not just the return of his $4,100, but for the photographer to pay for re-creating the missing scenes by covering travel expenses for all 40 guests to reconvene. (Remis and his wife have divorced; she has returned to her native Latvia, and Remis does not even know how to contact her.) [New York Times, 11-2-2011]

Jonathan Rothstein of Encino, Calif., filed a lawsuit in September against Procter & Gamble for selling its Crest toothpaste in “Neat Squeeze” packages, which Rothstein said make it impossible to access the last 20 percent of the contents, thus forcing consumers to buy more toothpaste prematurely. (He wants Procter & Gamble to return 90 cents to everyone who bought Neat Squeeze packages.) [LA Weekly, 9-12-2011]

Sarah Deming of Keego Harbor, Mich., filed a lawsuit in September against the distributor of the movie “Drive” (starring Ryan Gosling) because its trailers promised fast-driving scenes (like those in the “Fast and Furious” series), but delivered mostly just drama. [The Guardian (London), 10-10-2011]

A recent vicious, unprovoked attack in Toronto by Sammy the cat on Molly the black Labrador (bloodying Molly’s ear, paws and eye) left Molly’s owner without recourse to Ontario’s or Toronto’s “dangerous pet” laws. The owner told the Toronto Star in November that, apparently, only dangerous dogs are covered. [Toronto Star, 11-9-2011]

Maya the cat was central to a recent contentious British immigration case when a judge seemed to favor residence for a Bolivian national because of Maya. The judge had concluded that the Bolivian man and his British partner had established a close-knit “family” relationship because of the need to care for Maya. [Daily Mail, 10-7-2011]

In November, Tommy Joe Kelly, unsuccessfully acting as his own lawyer, was convicted of slashing a stranger’s tire by an Austin, Texas, jury, despite his explanation. “OK, I’m going to tell you the truth on this one,” he said from the witness stand. “It doesn’t sound right, but it is. I … had hemorrhoids at that time, super-duper bad.” (There have been 391 tire slashings in Kelly’s neighborhood over the last four years, but he was charged with only one count, and sentenced to 10 years in jail.) [Time-Warner Cable (Austin), 11-10-2011]

That’s just not right

A chief child-abuse investigator for the Catholic Church in Britain, Christopher Jarvis, 49, was sentenced in October following his guilty plea to possession of over 4,000 child-sex images on his computer. Jarvis had been hired in 2002 to protect against pedophiles’ access to church groups. [Daily Mail, 10-28-2011]

He's right, the bank should have known better than to loan money to a politician.

Why People Love Washington: U.S. Rep. Tom Graves of Georgia told the Atlanta Journal-Constitution in August that he and a partner had “settled” the lawsuit brought by the Bartow County Bank for failing to repay a $2.2 million loan they had taken out in 2007. Graves has been a staunch advocate for governmental fiscal austerity and voted against raising the federal debt-ceiling in August. However, he had balked at repaying the $2.2 million (though he had signed a personal guarantee) because, he said, the bank should have known when it made the loan that Graves would be unable to pay it back. [Atlanta Journal-Constitution, 8-11-2011]

Management consultant Graham Gibbons, 42, was on trial in Cardiff, Wales, at press time, charged with making a clandestine video of himself and his then-girlfriend in bed. Gibbons denied being a pervert, insisting that he made the video to analyze, for “efficiency,” the “time and motion” of his “performance,” as he might do for corporate clients. (Despite his alleged improved lovemaking, the girlfriend broke up with him.) [Daily Telegraph, 11-10-2011]

West Virginia roadkill-cooking activist David Cain told Bloomberg News in October that he generally supported Volvo’s new driver-safety technology that warns of objects ahead in the road. Cain pointed out that it was just a warning, that the driver “could still choose to run over something that’s good for eating.” [Bloomberg News, 10-4-2011]

True Fact: I bought a T-shirt for my best friend with a similar Road Kill Menu and her parents banned her from wearing it in public when we were kids.

Stupid Is as Stupid Does

Dale Foughty, 56, was charged with robbing a convenience store in Jacksonville, N.C., in October, despite attempting to intimidate the clerk by dressing as Spiderman. However, the clerk poked Foughty in the stomach with a broom, sending him away empty-handed. [Birmingham News-AP, 10-19-2011]

Cody Smith, 18, was charged with snatching a woman’s purse in Johnson City, Tenn., in November. The victim chased Smith into nearby shrubbery, entangling him long enough for her to recover the purse. [Johnson City Press, 11-7-2011]

Two men, attempting a robbery of the Ace Smoke Shop in Altadena, Calif., in July, fled after grabbing only part of the store’s cash. They were frightened off by the manager’s barking Chihuahua. [Los Angeles Times, 7-18-2011] (click here to watch the video)

And you thought our TSA was bad

The tactic of “patience” is usually employed when police believe that a suspect has ingested drugs for smuggling, i.e., nature will take its course, and the drugs will appear in the toilet sooner or later. On Oct. 12, Nigerian comic actor Babatunde Omidina (known as “Baba Suwe”) was detained before a flight at the Lagos airport because authorities suspected that he had ingested drugs to smuggle to Paris. Omadina denied the charge, but police locked him up and began monitoring his bowel movements. On Nov. 4, Omadina was released without charges following 25 “evidence”-free movements. [Agence France Presse, 11-4-2011]


OK, now for something completely different

My husband has been bugging me to include this in the Friday Funny LOL, so I’m letting him influence this portion of the article.

We are pretty big fans of the TV show ‘Psych’ featured on the USA Network. There has been a running ‘gag’ on the show where random people refer to Burton ‘Gus’ Guster, played by Dulé Hill, as “Bud, from the Cosby Show,” and Gus will get angry and declare, “I’m not Bud!”

My husband has been a much more avid watcher of the show than myself and noticed how it has been a theme so he decided to do some research into it and he is very proud to have found the ‘inside joke.’

Dulé Hill played in one episode of The Cosby show- Shall We Dance, as ‘Marcus’.

The kid who played Rudy’s boyfriend when she was a little girl, named Bud, was played by Dion Richmond.

Here they are today:


Gun Trivia Answers:

  1. Elmer Keith; Smith and Wesson and Remington hired Keith after learning of his experiments.
  2. 40 degree angle
  3. Bullet making
  4. Carbon Fiber Wrapping; Manufacturers have turned the barrel blanks down to nominal size and wrapped them in carbon fiber to return them to the original size. If you thought the answer was fluting you were close.
  5. Steyr SSG, Click her for IMDb’s link to Lone Wolfe McQuade– Chuck Norris, baby!
  6. Winchester
  7. Polymer; Polymer is used to increase expansion of the bullet.
  8. Copper Solvent; Used for taking copper fouling out of barrels.
  9. Isosceles Stance, Modern Isosceles Stance, The Weaver Stance, The Chapman/Modified Weaver, Bull’s Eye Stance.
  10. Walther P99. [This happens to be the same model I own. I’ve enjoyed this gun and wish I could get out to shoot it at the range more.]


I wished I looked more like this. 🙂


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