Friday Funny- Whether or Not You Need the Weatherman

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A couple of weeks back there was a glorious ring around the moon and I couldn’t remember what it meant. Thnx to this infographic it reminds me that rain was on the way– though that isn’t hard to predict in the Pacific Northwest in January. Then last night when I drove home the moon was golden and on the horizon and we’ve had a major cold snap with out rain.

Let us have some Trivial learning about Weather!

1. What type of precipitation is associated with a temperature inversion?

a) Sleet
b) Freezing Rain
c) Snow
d) Hail

2. What is graupel?

a) Hail
b) Snow pellets
c) Sleet
d) Supercooled water droplet

3. Where would “ground clutter” most likely be observed?

a) Cities
b) Oceans
c) Mid-western U.S.
d) Regions frequented by hurricanes

4. What is the result of supercooled water droplets colliding with ice crystals?

a) Snow
b) Lightning
c) Hail
d) Ice Pellets

5. What volcano was the source of the “Year Without a Summer?”

a) Mt. Vesuvius
b) Mt. Krakatoa
c) Mt. Pelee
d) Mt. Tambora

6. Which state is not part of Tornado Alley?

a) Mississippi
b) Kentucky
c) Minnesota
d) Colorado

7. A line of intense, widespread, and fast-moving thunderstorms is known as a what?

a) Haboob
b) Derecho
c) Squall Line
d) Surge

8. What natural disaster occurred on September 8, 1900 in Texas?

a) Tornado
b) Forest Fire
c) Flood
d) Hurricane

9. Where are doldrums located?

a) In valleys
b) Above the 60th parallel
c) In deserts
d) At the equator

10. If I was interested in observing a moonbow where would be a good place to go?

a) Cumberland Falls, KY
b) Siberia
c) The Alps
d) Underwater

Answers below.  You can also go to my Rain is Lame article for more weird weather related phenomenon.

Now returning to some News of the Weird by Chuck Shepherd.

Hannibal Lector would be proud…

The two hosts of the Dutch TV show “Guinea Pigs” apparently followed through on their plans in December to eat pieces of each other (fried in sunflower oil) in order to describe the taste. Dennis Storm and Valerio Zeno underwent surgery to have small chunks removed for cooking, with Zeno perhaps faring worse (a piece of Storm’s “bottom”) compared to Storm (who got part of Zeno’s abdomen). [Daily Telegraph, 12-20-2011]

Not something you want to misplace…

A December New England Journal of Medicine report described a woman’s “losing” her breast implant during a Pilates movement called the Valsalva (which involves breath-holding while “bearing down”). The woman said she felt no pain or shortness of breath but suddenly noticed that her implant was gone. Doctors at Johns Hopkins Hospital in Baltimore discovered that, because of the woman’s recent heart surgery, the muscles between the ribs had loosened, and the implant had merely passed through a rib opening. (They returned it to its proper place.) [MSNBC, 12-14-2011]

What would you do for sex?

If the male nursery web spider were a human, he would be sternly denounced as a vulgar cad. Researcher Maria Jose Albo of Denmark’s Aarhus University told Live Science in November that the spiders typically obtain sex by making valuable “gifts” to females (usually, high-nutrition insects wrapped in silk), but if lacking resources, a male cleverly packages a fake gift (usually a piece of flower) also in silk but confoundingly wound so as to distract her as she unwraps it — and then mounts her before she discovers the hoax. Albo also found that the male is not above playing dead to coax the female into relaxing her guard as she approaches the “carcass” — only to be jumped from behind for sex. [Yahoo News-Live Science, 11-14-2011]

A balaclava-wearing man “kidnapped” Julian Buchwald and his girlfriend in 2008 in Australia’s Alpine National Park as they were picnicking. The man separated the couple, tore their clothes off and buried them, but Buchwald escaped and rescued the girlfriend, and they wandered around naked for days before being rescued. The balaclava-clad man, it turns out, was Buchwald, whose plan was to convince the woman by his heroism that she should marry him (and more immediately, to have sex even though they had both pledged to remain virgins until marriage). Buchwald was convicted in Victoria County Court and sentenced in December to more than seven years in prison. [The Age (Melbourne), 12-20-2011]

People with more issues…

Laurie Martinez, 36, was charged in December with filing a false police report in Sacramento, Calif., alleging that she was raped, beaten bloody and robbed in her home. It turns out that she had become frustrated trying to get her husband to move them to a better neighborhood and that faking a rape was supposed to finally persuade him. Instead, he filed for divorce. Martinez is employed by the state as a psychologist. [Raleigh (N.C.) News and Observer-AP, 12-9-2011]

After 12 almost intolerable months, Ms. Seemona Sumasar finally received justice in November from a New York City jury, which convicted Jerry Ramrattan of orchestrating a complex and ingenious scheme to convince police that Sumasar was a serial armed robber. Ramrattan, a private detective and “CSI” fan, had used his knowledge of police evidence-gathering to pin various open cases on Sumasar as revenge for her having dumped him (and to negate her claim that Ramrattan had raped her in retaliation). Ramrattan was so creative in linking evidence to Sumasar that her bail had been set at $1 million, causing her to spend seven months in jail. (Said one juror, “If I had seen this on TV, my reaction would be, ‘How could this really happen?'”) [New York Times, 11-24-2011]

Referencing one of my Top Weird of 2011 stories

Last month, News of the Weird informed readers of the woman who wanted to “be at one” with her recently deceased horse and thus stripped naked and climbed inside the bloody carcass (posing for a notorious Internet photo spread). Afghan slaughterhouse employees surely never consider being “at one” with water buffaloes, but a November Washington Post dispatch from Kabul mentions a similarity. U.S. slaughterhouse authority Chris Hart found, as he was helping to upgrade an antiquated abattoir near Kabul, that the facility employed a dwarf, “responsible” (wrote the Post) “for climbing inside water buffalo carcasses to cut out their colons.” (Nonetheless, the slaughterhouse is halal, adhering to Islamic principles.) [Washington Post, 11-22-2011]

Here is a great snippet of men who really do look better as men, click here for an article that features Sean Bean (Boromir from LOTR) for a recent SNL skit.

Just so much better looking as a guy.

I probably should not be, but it always shocks me when something like this happens in the here and now.

"White Only" pool sign

COLUMBUS, Ohio (AP) — A Cincinnati landlord who claimed a black girl’s hair products clouded an apartment complex’s swimming pool discriminated against the child by posting a poolside “White Only” sign, an Ohio civil rights panel said Thursday in upholding a previous finding.

The Ohio Civil Rights Commission voted 4-0 against reconsidering its finding from last fall. There was no discussion.

The group found on Sept. 29 that Jamie Hein, who is white, violated the Ohio Civil Rights Act by posting the sign at a pool at the duplex where the teenage girl was visiting her parents.

The parents filed a discrimination charge with the commission and moved out of the duplex in the racially diverse city to “avoid subjecting their family to further humiliating treatment,” the commission said in a release announcing its finding.

An investigation revealed that Hein in May posted on the gated entrance to the pool an iron sign that stated “Public Swimming Pool, White Only,” the commission statement said.

Christina H. with does an excellent write-up on obnoxious drivers in these two articles; 9 Bad Drivers Nobody Complains About & 8 Bad Drivers Nobody Complains About (part 2)

Here are some of my favorites which I have actually complained about…

People Who Pass You For No Actual Advantage

4-way Stop Chicken Dance

Actually, this is me following in the blind spot of those touring edition Minivans. I like to watch their DVD movie screens while going down the road.

People Who Can't Think More Than 2 Seconds Ahead

People Who Don't Let You Look Around Them aka Some Jackass in a Big Truck/SUV



Answers for the Weather Trivia.

1. Freezing Rain– Freezing rain starts out as snow at higher altitudes and melts completely on its way down by passing through a layer of warm air. As it nears the ground, it enters a layer of air below freezing causing it to become supercooled. It immediately freezes when in contact with anything. It is a very dangerous form of precipitation.

2. Snow Pellets– They are like hail but are made up of ice crystals formed around snow and generally break apart when squeezed together. It is often called soft hail.

3. Cities– Ground clutter refers to the echoes off of objects such as buildings and hills during a radar image. They often appear as areas of precipitation when it is actually just the result of an echo off of an object on the ground. Weather Underground uses a mathematical algorithm so the user can choose to remove the clutter; however, this does not always work as it may remove real echoes too!

4. Lightning– This collision creates an electrical charge which, if large enough, creates a lightning bolt.

5. Mt. Tambora– The “Year Without a Summer” brought worldwide starvation during the year of 1816 due to a lack of sunlight blocked by the volcano’s ashes. There was no crop season and an estimated 92,000 people died as a result of this Indonesian volcano. It is regarded as the deadliest volcanic eruption ever recorded in history.

6. Mississippi– I have seen various maps indicating where Tornado Alley is. I used the one that showed the largest area. It included: North Dakota, South Dakota, Wyoming, Colorado, Nebraska, Kansas, Oklahoma, Texas, Minnesota, Iowa, Missouri, Arkansas, Louisiana, Illinois, Indiana, Ohio, Kentucky and Tennessee.

7. Derecho– widespread, and fast-moving thunderstorms.
Haboob: Another name for a sandstorm or duststorm.
Squall Line: A smaller line of thunderstorms.
Surge: An increase in sea water height due to storms.

8. Hurricane– The hurricane struck Galveston, TX and left over 6,000 of the 37,000 residents dead. Winds were estimated at 140 mph and is considered the deadliest natural disaster in U.S. history.

9. At The Equator– Doldrums are the result of hot air at the equator rising upwards, then moving north and south due to cooling. The cooled air then falls back down at the horse latitudes (30 degrees) where it returns back to the equator. This causes the area near the equator to have very calm winds that can even disappear altogether. It is a notorious region for sailors who can be trapped there for weeks. It is also a region that is very unpredictable; ferocious storms can be generated there. It is also the location where hurricanes originate.

10. Cumberland Falls, KY– Moonbows are much fainter and often appear white (if they even appear at all). Long exposure photographs can generate the spectrum of colours the human eye cannot detect. For a moonbow to form, the moon should be full or very near full, low in the sky (except when produced by waterfalls), and the sky must be dark. Rain must also be falling opposite the moon (if not produced by a waterfall). This combination makes moonbows much rarer than rainbows. Cumberland Falls, near Williamsburg, KY is one of the most famous places to observe this phenomenon. Waimea, HI and Victoria Falls on the border between Zambia and Zimbabwe are widely known for their moonbow occurrences as well.


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