SOPA and PIPA protest

Copy Righted material should not be pirated, creative design should be allowed.  Here is what the “Oatmeal” designed in protest.  Many sites are blocking their content in protest too.  Remember– don’t pirate, link back and give credit where credit is due.



Thanks to people clicking, blogging, tweeting, and general distribution of the above GIF by The Oatmeal, he proudly announces the following

… My expectation was that I’d get some laughs from my readers and maybe get featured on a few oddball humor sites.

Instead, the animated GIF received coverage from CNN, Sports Illustrated, Forbes, The Guardian, Mashable, Business Insider, MSNBC, and a bumload of other mainstream news sources. It was also trending worldwide on Twitter and according to Tweetmeme it was one of the most tweeted links on earth yesterday.

Why am I telling you this? Because I’m fairly certain getting koala lovemaking on CNN is the highlight of my career and I wanted to share the moment with you.

Why else am I telling you this? Because of the combined efforts of some of the internet’s biggest players as well as countless awesome underdogs, you could tentatively say that the protests were a success. 18 senators backed off from the bill, 4.5 million people signed a petition, and anyone who used the internet yesterday for more than five seconds is now well aware of what SOPA is and how to stop it.

Congratulations to The Oatmeal for helping us make an impact!! also helped sponsor advocacy towards stopping SOPA/PIPA. I sponsored by posting this blog plus the banner that offered via their settings option (to be in the upper right corner for a week or so), and they had a helpful e-mail they sent me to help me sign a petition that got sent directly to the appropriate representative.

If I see any more stats I’ll update this article again.


Mhor Rhioghain


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